Road Prince RP 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Stickers

Road Prince RP 70 Dimensions are as follows. The Road Prince RP 70 length is – width, length is – height is – and wheelbase is. Knowing the RP 70 dimension, you can easily determine the dimensions that are the Road Prince RP 70.

Road Prince RP 70 2023 is the most current model. Road Prince RP 70 2023 price within Pakistan can be found here. Road Prince always provides the top-quality products because of skilled workers and the latest technologies. The bike is guaranteed to meet the standards of durability and excellence and is necessary for those with it. Road Prince is a reliable bike that’s durable and top-of-the-line. Road Prince also provides the 11occ and bullet models in the market of Pakistan.

Road Prince 70cc New Model Price in Pakistan 2023

Road Prince 70cc New Model Price, PKR 103,000

Road Prince RP 70 has an impressive engine cooled by an Air Single Cylinder. New technology makes it more durable and stable than other 70cc motorcycles. The shocks on the Road Prince are flexible and durable, eliminating the hassle of rough and bumpy roads. Road Prince RP 70’s tank of petrol capacity 10.5 Liters means there is no need to fret about running out of petrol. The impressive mileage rate is offered with this model of the Road Prince RP 70, which is greater than 60 km/liter.

Road Prince 70cc is Pakistan’s most famous motorcycle, but it isn’t among the most adventurous motorcycles of our country, but it continues to maintain its tradition. The Japanese technology-based motorcycle is one of the most popular in the region. Because it’s reliable and its components are authentic, which hasn’t been proven yet, Our people have enjoyed it. It has enjoyed a lot of attention, and its design is impressive.

Road Prince RP 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Stickers

Road Prince RP 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 New Model Stickers

Rp 70 represents the cheapest bike available in Pakistan among all roads prince bikes. The market to purchase Rp 70 is mostly across Pakistan. The cost of service for Rp 70 is extremely low and reasonable, making this bike extremely popular nationwide. Are you looking for Road Prince Bike price in Pakistan? Then you’re at the right spot. We have included every Road Prince Bike model on this page and their pricing list. You can also check the cost on-road for each model you want in your local area.

Road Prince RP 70 2023 New Model Stickers

The most recent technology makes it more stable and long-lasting than other 70cc models, and the Road Prince 70 shocks are more flexible and have strapping that eliminates the hassle of bad and bumpy roads. The Honda Cd 70 models are updated for 2023 prices for Pakistan, and the label of the brand new Honda Cd 70 bike locks a stylish look with the latest design of the fuel tank as well as side covers.

A road-king RP 70 bike in Pakistan is priced at Price, PKR 103,000. The engine on this bike is a four-stroke single Cylinder air-cooled. The displacement of the bike is 70cc. This bike is a Kick Starter that starts. The capacity of this bike is 82 kilograms. The fuel tank of this bike is capable of 9 litres.

Road Prince 70 motorcycle has an exclusive seat and one single Cylinder with a 4-stroke. The engine is an air-cooled engine, which makes the bike efficient. Road Prince Bike Prices in Pakistan is 9 liters of fuel capacity. Road Prince Motorcycle prices are increasing initially by R. 1,000 from the RP 70cc base model and up to Rs. 3,500 for the RP125cc model.

Road Prince RP 70’s new and upgraded design, attracts people’s attention. The elegant design of the tank’s fuel tank and the most recent tank logo distinguishes it from other bikes. It gives you the feeling of riding in this comfortable and physically strong seat with the rear grip. It is available in red and black shades. The speedometer on Road Prince RP 70 is clear and crisp. Road Prince RP 70 is clean and has a beautiful design.

Road Prince Classic 70cc 2023 Price in Pakistan

China road prince, a company owned by China, has launched the Classis 70cc motorcycle to be used by individuals. The bike is offered in every city of Pakistan at a reasonable price of PKR 50,000, contrasted to other brands that operate in Pakistan.

The most recent increase of Road Prince Motorcycle Prices has resulted from the rising cost of raw maters, as per the announcement released from Eiffel Industries. It is important to note that these increases occur like clockwork at the beginning of each month.

Road Prince RP 70 About

Road Prince RP 70’s new, more attractive design catches people’s attention. Its elegant design on the tank for fuel with the latest tank logo distinguishes it from the rest of the bikes. ROAD PRINCE is an established brand designed to satisfy the needs of those who wish to meet their obligations to travel by affordability, sustainability, and lower costs after-sales.

Road Prince is among the most well-known Chinese bikes used in Pakistan. Road Prince was established in 2004 in Pakistan. The company quickly became very popular in Pakistan. Road Prince is renowned in Pakistan for producing high-quality motorcycles, loaders, and Rickshaws. Bikes manufactured by Road Prince are comfortable for users and cost-effective. Road Prince produces 70 Cc, 250 cc, and 150 Cc bikes. Road Prince bikes cost 52,000 and go up to 48,000 Pakistan rupees. See the prices and specifications for Road Prince bikes on

Road Prince Passion Plus 70cc 2023 Price in Pakistan

Road Prince Passion plus 70cc prices in Pakistan are provided for the public’s information. The bike is now ready to go onto the road. You can now purchase it for 54,000 Rupees. However, Road prince’s recent company has revealed the brand new vehicle for Hond 150, so people looking for more details about the Road Prince can now click Road Prince 150.

Road Prince 70 bike is among the most expensive than various 70cc motorcycles. The Road Prince 70cd bike is more comfortable than other motorbikes. This bike is sure to meet the necessary standards of quality and durability that are a great necessity for any owner to purchase. It is the Road Prince also as long as the 11occ model and projectile models in the market of Pakistan.

Road Prince 70cc 2023 New Model Features

Motorcycle Name Road Prince RP 70
Price 60,000
Colors Red and Green
Engine 04 Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Starting Through Kick
Technology Japanese
Petrol (Fuel) Capacity 09 Liters
Net Weight 82 KG
Tyre of Front 2.25 – 17
Tyre of Back 2.50 – 17

It is best to purchase him a new model Road Prince 2023. Consequently, when you go to the markets and bazaars, the motorbike is at the top of the line in terms of use, mileage, and performance. It also has comfortably comfortable seats. This engine has already been a strong China 70cc four-speed motorcycle that you can purchase when you buy online on our website or the official site. It was offered in green and red and a new Road Prince 2023 Model with a new sticker.

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