Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Sticker and Shape

The unique Dimension of UD70 is as follows. Unique ud 70 length is width is -, length is – the height is – and the wheelbase is, and wheelbase is. Knowing the dimensions of the ud 70, you can easily comprehend the dimensions of the Unique Ud70. In Pakistan, numerous motorbike businesses work, but only a brand with a unique name is offered in this design, such as Unique UD 70. The unique UD 70 price in Pakistan is presented here.

Unique launch Unique 70cc bikes in Pakistan. It’s an air-cooled 4-stroke bike. It’s also available in two Colors Red, Black and Blue. These colours are the fans’ favourites since they were revealed following their requests. They are the most popular bikes for riders and their Euro II technology. AS MENTIONED EARLIER, unique UD 70 prices in Pakistan are affordable compared to other China prices. The authentic Honda CD70, so many riders’ top choice, is the Unique UD70.

Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan

Latest Price of Uinque UD 70 Is: PKR 65,000

Unique UD 70 price for 2023 was revealed and will be on the market in 2023. Models of unique bikes are already available, and customers have been enjoying them with complete satisfaction. In contrast, it will be equipped with brand-new features since, according to a statement from the company, the bike will be released in markets with a unique appearance.

Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Sticker and Shape

Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 New Model Sticker and Shape

Unusual UD 70 is one of the most fashionable bikes in the category of 70cc in Pakistan. 70cc bikes are among the most cost-effective bikes. They can run at 80 kmpl and are nearly as powerful as 100cc bikes. The specs of this bike are superior to those of other 70cc motorcycles. It weighs a bit more. However, it is worth every cent. It has a Euro 2 economic and environment-friendly engine, comfortable seats, and shock-proof suspensions. It has traditional strong disc brakes.

Unique is a high-performance stylish and affordable auto machine. Even in its “Introduction” stage of the Production Life Cycle, it is already the fourth-highest-selling bike in Pakistan. The factory is run under modern management techniques and processes.

Unique UD 70 Bike Mileage

The unique mileage of the Ud70 ranges from 30 to 35 kmpl. Unique Ud70 provides excellent mileage when compared to the other bicycles in Pakistan. Unique ud70 Bike Colours. Unique ud70 comes in a single colour – black and red. Fuel Tank Capacity of the Unique Ud70 bike. Unique ud70 has a fuel tank capacity of 10 litres of petrol. Unique ud70 Bike Highlights

Ud 70 may be the cheapest bike available in Pakistan among all the distinctive bikes. The market for this distinctive 70 is mainly all across Pakistan. The service price on this unique model is affordable, making the bike extremely well-known throughout the country.

The ud 70 unique bike in Pakistan costs Rs 47,000. The engine on the bike comes from a four-stroke single Cylinder that is air-cooled. Its capacity is 70cc. The weight of the bike is 90kg. It is a kickstart. The tank for petrol of this bike can hold a maximum capacity of 9 liters.

Unique UD 70 2023 Features

The main features of this bike include

  • Company: China
  • Product Type: Motorcycle
  • Model: Unique UD 70
  • Year Launched: 2015
  • Type of Engine: 4-Stroke Single Cylinder, Overhead Cam Air Cooled
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Transmission System
  • Starter System: Kick

The company makes and markets 70cc and 125cc four-stroke CDI system motorbikes with the brand name “Unique UD 70”, “Unique UD 125’as well as “Unique 100cc’. Here, we provide all the unique UD 70 The New Version Bike 2023 Cost within Pakistan Review Special Feature Mileage.

About Unique UD 70 Bike

Are you in search of a Unique Bike cost in Pakistan? You’re in the right spot. In this article, we have compiled every Unique Bike model with its price lists. You can also find the price on the road for any model you want in your local area.

Given the growing bike demand, unique is also working to boost the bicycle sector. Additionally, Unique has recently introduced its Unique Cruzer 150 bicycle, which has witnessed a massive rise in sales due to the new models released in Pakistan shortly from the Unique Bike Company.

The brand-new bike launched by Unique Bike Company produces affordable cost and high-quality bikes. The price of Unique bikes ranges from 75500 to 170,000 Pakistan rupees. Find out the price and specs on Unique motorcycles at newprice.pk.

The company was established in 2004. Unique has been adored and respected in the hearts of many millions of Pakistanis. It was first a company that assembled motorbikes and loading trucks; in time, they began to manufacture 70ccc, 100cc., 125cc., and 150cc motorcycles with incredible designs and features. Unique is loved because of its unparalleled performance and durability regarding quality and appearance. The latest bike they released, All-New Unique UD 70 Xtreme 2021, has a style beyond anyone else’s imagination. The unique UD-70 Xtreme combines performance, power, and style with fashionable new indicators, a stylish tail light, and a luminous speedometer.

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