Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs Mileage Interior Exterior

Suzuki Company has been working in Pakistan for many years. Suzuki Alto 2024 Prices in Pakistan are available here. Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs Mileage Interior and Exterior Details. Suzuki Alto all specs details. That’s one of the primary reasons why the costs of these vehicles are kept at a low level. We will be discussing the most recent model from Suzuki Alto, which the company is launching in 2024. The car has excellent specifications and features, so let’s get started by discussing the cost of this vehicle in Pakistan as follows:

Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Price In Pakistan

Suzuki Motor Corporation has introduced its latest version, Suzuki Alto 660cc 2024. In the early days, Suzuki launched its City Utility car in 1979. Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan 2024 was revealed. It’s a small vehicle to commute in and is a great car for families. It was designed to appeal to the new generation of cars and for those who love the look of small cars. It features an attractive design and large headlights. There are 12 different colors in the latest Alto.

Alto VX PKR 2,612,000/-
Alto VXR-AGS PKR 2,799,000/-
Alto VXL PKR 2,935,000/-

The company has introduced a variety of cars in the past, with varying specs and options. The majority of the vehicles that the company launched in Pakistan have basic features and specifications that most motorists require. It’s a three-cylinder engine with 37 km/liter of fuel consumption. It is the Alto is a brand-new model. Because of the modern platform, the model’s weight is reduced by around 60 kg. However, the material is more durable.

In the present, Suzuki introduced a new version of the Suzuki Alto in December 2021 in 2024. It is available in various versions, including Suzuki Alto VXR, Suzuki Alto VXL, and so on. It is also possible to know details about Suzuki Alto VXR prices in 2024 by consulting various sources.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Interior

As I’ve mentioned previously, Suzuki only provides basic features in their cars; however, in this car, there are improvements inside the interior of the vehicle as it is fitted with various innovative features that were not offered in other cars released from Suzuki within Pakistan. These are just a few of the major characteristics of this car that are sought after by consumers nowadays. Suzuki has supplied the customers with its products with these features because Suzuki always looks after its clients.

As we said, Suzuki offers basic car features and specifications. However, this time around, the car is different. There are many enhancements to features and interiors and the Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 features and specifications. It’s equipped with various brand-new features. Because of the latest features, the Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 price in Pakistan is slightly higher.

The Suzuki Alto VXR model comes with comfortable seats and can be adjusted to offer the user a relaxing experience. The heater is a great way to keep the user warm during cold winter days.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Exterior

When we look at the exterior of this vehicle, it has been designed uniquely; however, most people don’t like what they see from the back of the car because it was not made correctly by the manufacturer. This is the reason why the majority of people do not want to purchase this vehicle. This is among the main points of discussion when buying an automobile. Therefore, the type of this vehicle is 20 km. Additionally, these cars offer about 17-18 KM when driving within the cities. This is among the most effective options for long travel.

If we talk about the exterior of the Suzuki Alto VXR 2024, it has a unique design with a curvy line and aerodynamics that give it an attractive appearance. The company doesn’t properly develop its design; that’s why its customer rating is somewhat lower.

Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs Mileage Interior Exterior

Suzuki Alto VXR 2022 Price In Pakistan Specs Mileage Interior Exterior

Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Posse’s fundamental exterior characteristics are identical to the predecessors; for instance, it comes with the front grille and mirrors outside. The exterior door also comes with handles as well as an extra wheel. It also offers a variety of colors to its customers.

They differ from one another in terms of transmissions and other options like power windows as well as security alarms, power steering, and other features. Suzuki Alto comes with seat belt reminders for both front and driver seats and safety features. It comes with a Rader brake collision mitigation system that supports the ability to control hill holds. The stability of the electronics is sturdy. It features many innovative systems, including a start-stop button. This electric front seat is a heated electric mirror and keyless entry, automated and manual air conditioning, and cup holders.

Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Specifications

Suzuki Alto VXR has three engines powered by a DOHC 12-valve engine. These DOHC valves allow the engine to up to 39 HP at 6500 RPM and a force of 56 Nm at 4000 RMP. Suzuki Alto VXR has an engine displacement of 658 cubic centimeters.

Suzuki Alto VXR belongs to an automobile that runs on petrol. Its fuel capacity is approximately 27 liters. The range of mileage offered by Suzuki Alto for the city is 24 KM/L. However, it offers an average mileage of 26 km/L on the highway.

Suzuki Alto VXR 2024 Price In Pakistan

Suzuki company has been announced the launch of a new 2024 model, the Suzuki Alto. The new 2024 model Suzuki Alto is released in exchange for Suzuki Mehran. Suzuki company has introduced the first seventh generation of Suzuki Alto from 1979 to 2013. Suzuki company launched its 8th generation in 2014. The 7th generation has not had many features; the Suzuki company has updated the 7th generation and generated a new 8th generation.

Suzuki Alto’s new 2024 model is based on the 8th generation. Suzuki Alto is the advanced form of the 8th generation. Suzuki has developed the previous model and formed a new advanced 2024 model.

Suzuki Company has launched the new Suzuki Alto 2024 in Pakistan. The vehicle comes furnished with a 660cc motor and auto and manual transmission. It has a length of about 3.4 meters, 1.47m in Width, and 1.49 m in Height. It has a wheelbase of 2.46 m. Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan is according to August 2024 is 1198,000 To 1598,000. Because there are three versions of Suzuki Alto is available for sale. Suzuki Alto VX, Suzuki Alto VXR, and Suzuki Alto VXL.

  • Alto VX accompanies Power Steering, Keyless Entry, Central Door Locking, and without AC and Power Windows.
  • Suzuki Alto VXR accompanies 2 Air Bags, Power Steering, Keyless Entry, and Central Door locking.
  • Suzuki Alto VXL accompanies ABS, Auto Gear Shift (AGS), 2 Airbags, Air Conditioner, and numerous other conspicuous highlights.

Suzuki Alto is beautifully manufactured with a hatchback and has a short bonnet. The interior of the car has much space as compared to Suzuki Mehran. Suzuki company has claimed that Suzuki Alto will give the best fuel average. Suzuki Alto will provide the mileage of 37 KM/L on the highway. This average of fuel makes the Suzuki Alto the best economy car.

Mileage of Suzuki Alto 2024 

Because of a littler and more proficient motor, the Suzuki Alto 2024 is relied upon to return high mileage. This is pivotal as the Alto 660cc focuses on a class of society that qualities efficient vehicles. Evaluated mileage remains between 24 to 26 Km for each, which is astonishing.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Colors Variants

You can get your new Alto 660cc in seven distinctive. These incorporate strong white, sleek silver, sand beige, pearl red, pearl dark, graphite, and cerulean blue. An assortment of the Suzuki Alto 2024 will be speaking to a vast number of shoppers across Pakistan.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Competitors

Contenders of Suzuki Alto 660cc incorporate United Bravo and Prince Pearl. In any case, the inheritance of Suzuki as a dependable brand and broadly scattered vendor organization gives Alto 2024 a distinct edge over Bravo and Pearl. Likewise, customers can investigate imported 660cc vehicles like Nissan Dayz, Daihatsu Move, and Mitsubishi Ek Wagon.

The Suzuki Alto has a 660cc engine with three cylinders. Suzuki Mahran has an 800cc engine, which consumes more fuel. To remind the present limiting petroleum, Suzuki company manufactured the Suzuki Alto. The Price of Suzuki Alto Pakistan is about 10 lac.

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