Toyota Corolla GLI 1.3 2024 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla has different versions available in Pakistan. Toyota Corolla GLI Price in Pakistan Specs Mileage and review check. These versions are Toyota Corolla XLI, Toyota Corolla 1.3 GLI AT, Toyota Corolla 1.3 GLI MT, Toyota Corolla  Altis 1.8, Toyota Corolla   Altis CVTi, Toyota Corolla Altis Grande. All the versions are called the Toyota Corolla. Here we discuss the New 2024 model Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI Specs, mileage, Interior, exterior details, body-color variants, competitors, and the latest price in Pakistan. The Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI is available in two types in Pakistan, Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI Manual Transmission and Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI  Automatic Transmission.

Toyota Corolla GLI 1.3 2024 Price in Pakistan

The latest Toyota Corolla Gli 2024 price in Pakistan ranges from Price PKR 25.0 – 48.0 lacs

Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI Review

As we discussed above, two versions of the Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI available in Pakistan. Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI  MT and Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI  AT. The Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI interior provides all the comfort and convenience. Its interior is rich in features. It has a touch display, an advanced gear system, and luxury seats. The seats are built with leather and gray-black trim. Toyota Corolla has advanced features, like a large grille, headlight style, and air intake pathway. Toyota Corolla GLI’s back is edge-shaped, and the backlight with a large bumper gives a fabulous look. Toyota Premio 2024 Price in Pakistan

To inform Toyota GLI fans. The company stopped producing this car, and, in the future, they will no longer have the car manufacturer. The company has made its Toyota Corolla X available in the market, and anyone can purchase it. On the other hand, the used model of GLI is also available on the market. Prices for certain models will be listed below to estimate the opinions of consumers’ pricing. You can check the prices on this page.

Toyota Corolla GLI 2024 Price in Pakistan Specs Mileage

Toyota Corolla GLI 2022 Prices in Pakistan Specs Mileage

Toyota Corolla GLi interior uses beige and black plastic trim pieces. It has cloth-covered seats, air conditioning, an infotainment unit, motorized steering, tachometer satellite navigations, and leather upholstery with multi-function steering wheel controls. Toyota Corolla GLi has two airbags cruise control, rear and front camera paddle shift, electronic brake system, and sunroof. The powerful anti-lock system can ensure the car is safe from skidding when brakes are wet and slippery.

Kerb Weight 1275 KG
No of Doors 4 doors
Overall Height 1475 mm
Overall Length 4620 mm
Overall Width 1775 mm
Seating Capacity 5 persons


Everyone knows the brand name Toyota. Toyota Corolla 2024 Price in Pakistan is available here. Toyota is a vehicle manufacturer that has provided its customers with an array of automobiles since it first began. The company has introduced a variety of automobiles worldwide, including in Pakistan. It is currently moving to introduce a new model into the market every time there is a demand. The primary reason behind the popularity of this business across Pakistan is the top-quality product the company offers its clients. This article will discuss the Toyota Corolla model, which is one of the most frequently used vehicles from this model. The Corolla has been introduced with various models that have distinct specifications and features up to this point. The cost of this vehicle will be discussed in the following article as it is available in various variants.

Toyota Corolla can be described as a line of compact sedans manufactured by manufacturer Japanese maker Toyota. Many people around the world adorn it due to its comfortable ride, elegant design, stylish style, and excellent performance. Through the years, it has undergone many upgrades. The eleventh-generation Toyota Corolla is the most recent version available for sale in Pakistan. It is the 12th version of the Toyota Corolla introduced worldwide, but it is not accessible in Pakistan.

The first car introduced in 1966, Toyota Corolla has become one of the most popular cars worldwide. With its compact design and efficiency, it was immediately well-known. Corolla became the world’s top-selling automobile at the time of 1997. It beat the biggest competitor that was its rival, the Volkswagen Beetle.

Toyota Corolla GLI 2024 Interior

Toyota Corolla GLi is provided with the 1.3 Liter DOHC 16 Valve VVT-I Engine. It is connected to a five-speed automated transmission. This 1298 cc Petrol engine can produce the highest performance of 84bhp and an output of 121 Nm. Toyota Corolla GLi provides a fuel consumption of 12kmpl to 14kmpl. It can reach a maximum speed of 240 mph. Toyota Corolla GLi comprises Macpherson Strut front suspension and Torsion Beam rear suspension. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

Toyota Corolla GLI 2024 Exterior

Toyota has raised its standards with the sporty styling of the modern Upcoming Toyota Corolla brand. The front ends feature trapezium-shaped side swept lights and Bi light daytime run lights. The Toyota emblem is placed in the middle of the stylish grill behind the headlamps. The side profile has to recede lower edges that give a sporty appearance to the outside. Toyota has unveiled a new glass panel in the apex where the mirrors on the sides are inserted. Because of the larger size, of the glass, new panes with trapezoidal shapes have been installed in the doors in the rear to offer better visibility to rear passengers. The rear side is home to stylishly created tail lights that have a black trim that joins the tail lights. The overall design of the brand fresh Upcoming Toyota Corolla is quite impressive and attractive.

Engine Power of Corolla GLI 2024 Model

Toyota has made a few small changes to this 1.8 (2ZR(FAE)) Engine to increase power from the same engine as the earlier engine. Toyota is also anticipated to stop using the XLi/GLi variant and introduce Toyota Vios to Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla GLI 2024 Competitors

The most significant competitors for the Upcoming Corolla will be Honda Civic and Toyota Prius however, the market is very competitive due to the launch of SUVs and Hyundai Elantra.

Advanced steering makes the drive easier. It entertains its passengers with an audio system, and its Multi info Display keeps updating the car’s performance. The safety system of the Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI  car provides ultimate safety for passengers and the vehicle. Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI has placed a 1299cc power engine for high performance. Mileage Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI  is 12KM/L to 14KM/L on the highway. Toyota Corolla 1.3L GLI is available in both Manual and Automatic transmission.

In Pakistan, Toyota will launch its most-seller automobile, Toyota Corolla GLi 2024. Toyota Corolla GLI is a compact luxury vehicle with a modern and elegant design language. It offers a sleek and more polished appearance. Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan 2024 features a striking front fascia that is sleek and narrow, side-swept headlights, and a massive grille that has chrome accents and a trapezium-shaped air intake. On the rear, it features stylish, high-end side-swept taillights, a huge rear bumper, and a chrome trim piece that runs across the entire length of the back of the vehicle.

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