Toyota Prius 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs Mileage

The Toyota Prius, a name synonymous with hybrid technology and eco-friendly driving, has unveiled its 2024 model in Pakistan. With a reputation for being one of the pioneers in hybrid technology, the Prius continues to evolve, offering a blend of performance, efficiency, and luxury.


The Toyota Prius 2024 is priced at an ex-factory rate of PKR 1.47 crore. This price point places it in the premium segment of the Pakistani automotive market. But what do buyers get for this price? A car boasts a mileage ranging between 27 to 40 KM/LITER, depending on driving conditions and maintenance. This impressive fuel efficiency is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to creating eco-friendly vehicles without compromising on performance.

Feature Details
Price in Pakistan PKR 1.47 crore
Mileage 27 to 40 KM/LITER
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol & Hybrid
Engine 6-cylinder 1798cc
Exterior Features LED headlamps, daytime running lights, fog lamps
Interior Features 7-inch touchscreen, dual-zone auto air conditioning, power windows, door locks
Safety Features Front and rear force limiter seat belts, child IsoFix, anti-lock braking system, vehicle stability control, immobilizer, SRS airbags
Competitors Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, among others

Toyota Prius 2024 Price In Pakistan

The Toyota Prius 2024 is positioned in the premium segment, with an ex-factory price of PKR 1.47 crore. This price reflects the advanced technology, luxury, and performance that Prius promises to its buyers.

Exterior and Design

The exterior of the Prius 2024 is a blend of elegance and modernity. The sleek design is accentuated by LED headlamps, daytime running lights, and fog lamps, giving it a contemporary look that stands out on the road. Its aerodynamic shape not only adds to its aesthetics but also enhances fuel efficiency.

Interior and Comfort

Step inside the Prius, and you’re welcomed by a spacious and plush interior. The car features a 7-inch touchscreen that offers a range of functionalities, dual-zone auto air conditioning ensuring comfort for all passengers, and essential features like power windows and door locks. The ergonomic design ensures that both the driver and passengers have a comfortable journey, even on longer routes.

Safety First

Toyota has always prioritized safety, and the Prius 2024 is no exception. The car is equipped with front and rear force limiter seat belts, child IsoFix for the safety of younger passengers, an anti-lock braking system to prevent skidding and vehicle stability control. Additionally, the immobilizer system and SRS airbags further enhance the safety quotient of this vehicle.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Prius 2024 houses a 6-cylinder 1798cc engine. This powerhouse delivers a maximum output of 72/5200 kW/rpm and a torque of 142/3600 Nm/rpm. The hybrid system, which includes an electric motor and battery, ensures that the car offers optimum performance while being kind to the environment.

Ride & Handling

The new Prius promises enhanced ride quality. Whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the car provides a smooth ride with superior grip, ensuring safety and comfort.


While the Prius offers a plethora of features and benefits, potential buyers should be aware of the challenges related to maintenance. Due to the limited availability of auto parts for the new generation, upkeep can be a bit challenging.


In the Pakistani market, the Toyota Prius 2024 faces stiff competition from vehicles like the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Aqua, and Honda Vezel. However, its unique blend of performance, luxury, and eco-friendliness sets it apart.


The Toyota Prius 2024 is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and luxury. While the price point is on the higher side, the features, performance, and brand reputation make it a worthy investment for those looking for an eco-friendly yet luxurious driving experience.

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