Toyota Prius 2022 Price In Pakistan Specs Mileage

Toyota company has been introduced a new 2022 model of the Toyota Prius. The new 2022 model of Toyota Prius is based on the 4th generation. Toyota Prius is the modern and luxurious car of the Toyota company. The New 2022 model of Toyota Prius has the latest features. Toyota Prius has the luxury internal material and a good-looking exterior. Toyota Prius gives a comfortable and confident experience of driving.

Toyota Prius 2022 Price In Pakistan is: PKR 8,370,000

Toyota Prius Exterior

Toyota Prius has an attractive look with a stylish bonnet, well-designed headlights, and fog lights. Its front bumper has a graceful grille. Toyota Prius has a well quality back bumper and backlights. Both the bumpers of the Toyota Prius car are made up of high-quality plastic. Toyota Prius has a rear camera that gives the back view and keeps save the car in reverse driving.

Toyota Prius Interior

Toyota Prius has comfortable internal material. There is 5 person seat capacity in the car, two-person in the front, and 3 people in the rear seats. Toyota Prius has a stylish dashboard with entertainment features. There is an HD display, Bluetooth, audio player, and speaker system in the car.

Toyota Prius has advanced safety features like it has a smart key system and a Toyota safety system. Toyota safety system provides stolen detectors, automatic collision notification, and navigation system. Safety and the performance of Toyota Prius are better than other cars of the Toyota company. Toyota Prius also has the SRS airbags, these airbags are designed for the whole car. SRS airbags keep safe at the collision of the car.

Toyota Prius New 2022 Model Price In Pakistan

Toyota Prius New 2021 Model Price In Pakistan

Toyota Prius is a favorite car in our country. Toyota Prius has four different driving modes, such as Eco mode, normal mode, power mode, and EV mode. For example, if you want to enjoy a powerful and energetic drive you will active power mode. There is a switch for on-off driving modes in the car.

Toyota Prius Engine

Toyota Prius has a 1798cc displacement engine. It has a powerful gasoline manual engine. This engine is responsible for the better performance of the car. Toyota Prius is designed for better fuel economy. The price of petroleum is rising day by day.

Toyota Prius Mileage

The Toyota Prius gives the 12KM/L to 14KM/L mileage on the highway. The price of Toyota Prius in Pakistan is about 6.15 Million.

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