Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in Pakistan 2022 new Model shape and stickers and latest updates about the model you can check on this page. This bike is added with the speedometer and the fuel pointer and it is ready with wide and agreeable seats, which can give great spine support on long excursions. Yamaha YBZ 125Z Pakistan has a price, which is lower than different models of this motorbike yet there are no plate brakes on the front and back tire. The clients can discover the Yamaha YB 125Z price on this page. The youthful riders of Pakistan have a colossal interest in the 125 cc motorbikes, as they are a finished heap of solace, class, and quality.

Yamaha YBZ 125Z Basic Features

With the removal of 125 cc, Yamaha YB125Z has the 4-stroke air-cooled with single-chamber and an Electric beginning choice (Launch is likewise another option). The Drag and Stroke of the cruiser are 54.0 x 54.0 mm with a dry load of 107 kgs. Albeit the 5-speed transmission is fitted in the vehicles, this transmission has made this bike extreme. It’s consolidated with a Wet-Type Multi-Plate Grip framework with the Spine outline, making it a more grounded bike.

YYamaha YBR 125Z Price in Pakistan 2022 Model New Shape Sticker Specs Features Mileage

Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in Pakistan

How to Buy Yamaha YBZ 125Z in Pakistan

Awesome news for Yamaha fans! Your number one motorbike organization has dispatched the new model in its YBR series, which is Yamaha YBR 125 2022 model. The new Yamaha YBR 125 has staggering games bike shape and high force motor gives preeminent speed increase. Book your rides straightaway. Yamaha YB125Z is the most recent and incredible experience every individual should get. The new YB125Z 2022 goes with dazzling elements, starting from their more broad seat which is organized especially for pillion riding, and to bypass a ton of vibrations, there is a motor balancer.

The comfort of Yamaha YBZ 125Z 2022 Model

This, yet it has in excess of anyone’s imagination halogen headlights and specs as a self-beginning framework for all motorcyclists. There are a ton of progressively boundless elements the bike brings to the table. Yamaha Motorbike Organization is famous for its powerful bikes, these bikes have suffered in the most troublesome ways and are the best bikes in Pakistan for long hard excursions. The shocks on these bikes don’t allow you to feel the knocks and their shape offers the base air rubbing.

New Model Yamaha YBZ 125Z 2022 Engine Power

Yamaha YB 125Z-DX bike has 4-Sroke Single Chamber Air Cooled motor with 125 cc Removal, it has 54 x 54 mm bore and strokes and pressure proportion is 10:1. This bike has Electric/Launch Beginning and 5-speed transmission. Yamaha YB 125Z-DX cruiser in Pakistan has Spine type outline, the petroleum tank limit is 13 litter, and it’s dry weight is 118 KG.

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