Toyota RAV4 Price in Pakistan New Model 2022 Specs

In this article, we will talk about Toyota RAV4 2022 price in Pakistan specifications Review Specifications Pics because it’s a sport-utility vehicle made by the Japanese automaker Toyota. Please check the Toyota RAV4 Price in Pakistan New Model 2022 Specs. It’s a front-engine vehicle driven vehicle with front-wheel drive. It also has a four-wheel-drive option is offered. Toyota RAV4 model is considerably bigger than the pint-sized model. It offers impressive fuel efficiency using the latest technology. This RAV4 model gets an updated design, including a more sleek front fascia. There’s also a brand new SE trim, which boasts more precise performance, LED-lit headlamps, and other distinctive design elements both inside and out.

Toyota RAV4 Price in Pakistan 2022

Today, you can check the current price of this car, because it’s an import car, and a lot of the dealer’s imports are from other countries, however, the current price is mentioned in the table below.

Toyota RAV4 Prices in PKR 4,600,000 – 5,300,000 PKR

New Generation of Toyota RAV4

Toyota has launched a brand new car, which is a compact crossover. The first car was introduced in mid- 1990. The reliability and comfort is the top feature of the car. The Toyota includes the Safety Sense-P feature that includes forward-collision alert, lane-departure warning, and lane-keeping assistance, as well as the adaptive cruise control and automated high-beam headlights. There are other features that are listed below. It is possible to see the inside of this car and also look over the specifications. A variety of functions is installed inside this vehicle.

Toyota RAV4 Price in Pakistan New Model 2022 Specs

Toyota RAV4 Price in Pakistan New Model 2022 Specs

The 2022 RAV4 is a great vehicle to go out with fashion. Its striking front ends to create an elegant look. The new lower side panels make it more appealing. It’s an SUV that’s as sporty as it is sophisticated and is ready to embark on your next adventure. Take a jolly, lively driving experience with your choice of either front or all-wheel drive options using RAV4 as your vehicle of choice on the road.

Toyota RAV4 2022 Latest Features

  • Gas Mileage 22/28 mpg highway/city.
  • Motor Regular I-4 Unleaded Engine 2.5 L
  • EPA Class Vehicles for Small Sports and Utility with 2WD
  • Style Name FWD 4dr L (GS)
  • Trainees Front Wheel Drive
  • Capacity for Passengers 5
  • Passenger Doors 4
  • The Body Style Sports Utility
  • Transmission 6 Speed Automatic

New Model Toyota RAV4 Colors 2022

Toyota RAV4 is available in various colors. those planning to purchase the vehicle and looking for the right colors, are able to check what the color names are on this page.

Toyota RAV4 2022 Variants in Pakistan

Here are all the details regarding Toyota RAV4 Model Prices Color Pictures specifications average. It is the RAV4 Hybrid that follows Toyota’s conventional hybrid powertrain design. The engine has been removed, almost unchanged from the $35,000 Lexus NX300h. But the RAV4 is lighter than the NX300h which is that the more affordable version could be faster.

In the incredibly twisty stretch in Orange County, California, asphalt is known by Ortega Highway. Ortega Highway, the RAV4 Hybrid was relatively composed, however with a bit to roll its body when you push it to the limit. The RAV4 isn’t the most athletic of its small crossover rivals. Its 300 pounds worth of hybrid technology won’t make it feel any better. Stay connected with us for the most recent information on automobiles and prices at this site.

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