TESCO Online Bill April 2024 Check Online

TESCO Online Bill Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company is Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company TESCO is a business that provides electricity to tribal communities. However, TESCO Online Bill April 2024: Check, Download & Print Duplicate Bill. TESCO enhances the customer experience and provides various amenities to its customers. The most effective features can be found online in the form of billing. The power bills you pay can be reviewed and paid online.

Are you unsure about TESCO the Online bill? What can I do to check what’s happening with my duplicate online electricity bill? How do I pay my bill without having to go on the Internet? How do I take advantage of easy payment options? All of your problems are solved, as you’ll find all the answers here.

There is no have to visit the bank, be concerned about your card or visit Post Office. All your worries and payments to your bills are handled via your mobile phone, and one important piece of data called the number for consumer reference.

TESCO Online Bill April 2024 Check Online

TESCO Online Bill March 2022 Check Online

The 14-digit number is a reference for the 14th digit.

Look for your reference number on your bill to confirm the validity of your TESCO invoice online. It’s a 14-digit number written on the bill, typically near the top of the page. If you’re having trouble finding the reference number on your bill, contact us.

We’ll help you finish all of the above tasks with just one mobile phone and the techniques we’ll show you. All you’ll require is a bill reference number. TESCO is a major power supply company which was established in August 2004. PEPCO controls it, and the Ministry of Energy Pakistan Power Division is the key ingredient to this exemplary organization.

Check TESCO Bil Online

The primary goal of this company is to supply electricity to the tribal areas of Pakistan and the areas with a long history of Pakistan and the FRs. Their employees work all hours of the day and seven every day of the week to supply public crucial (hard-working) energy to tribes.

Check & Download Your Electricity Bill

In present, paying an electrical bill requires considerable time. You’ll need first to visit an office for postage or a bank and wait your turn. This is the most lengthy and time-consuming payment method. You usually don’t get your monthly bill, meaning you’re in debt during the period. You’ll lose power if you fail to pay your due date.

A loan or savings will not resolve this problem, so you’ll be left stranded. But don’t fret; you’re in good hands because TESCO provides some basic lists of products that can be used to review and pay your bills with just your mobile phones. Yes, it’s quite amazing.

The reference number doesn’t represent an account login or itemized bill, an itemized bill, a Clubcard or code that is null or even the Carphone Warehouse in Northern Ireland, Pakistan.

How do you access your TESCO Online?

Customers can benefit from rewards programs from TESCO, customer support, and complaint and support systems. Online billing.

One of the best options for their clients is their online billing system. For a second, look at your bill’s statements. In the field for reference, enter the reference numbers.

Fill out the form and click “Submit. After that, the bill will be displayed in your browser. It is possible to save your invoice and then download it.

What is the best way to get a TESCO duplicate invoice?

All your issues are solved by this TESCO bill system online. You can generate a new bill when you’ve lost it. An identification number must be provided to complete this process. Input your number of references on the TESCO website. After you click the submit button for an application, a duplicate copy of the original will be displayed on the screen.

The Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company (TESCO) is among the most well-known and well-known Pakistani Electric Power Distribution organizations. It has provided electricity to residents of the former Tribal Agencies and FRs since August 2004. It is also the sole distribution firm that supplies electric power to the residents of these districts.

How do you create your TESCO bill?

It is comprised of just a Distribution Circle and five Operation Divisions. The official website for TESCO is www.tesco.gov.pk, where you can discover more information about the business. TESCO bills are now able to be downloaded online.

TESCO distributes Electricity Bills to its customers at the beginning of every month. If a customer cannot locate or loses his original bills, destroys them accidentally or doesn’t receive them, they need to obtain an additional copy to pay the bill. The duplicate copy of the document can be get via the internet or by going to a local customer support centre or corporate headquarters.

TESCO has launched an online service to prevent customers from leaving their homes and standing in lines for hours to get a duplicate copy of their invoices. Duplicate bills can be get online using the 14-digit reference number. If you print Electricity Bills, the Reference Number is easily check.

It works in the same way as the account number as it’s used to identify the amount of your bill. It’s important to remember that Reference Numbers recently change, so it is best to choose the most current version (the reference number on the most recent or latest electricity bill)

TESCO Online Bill Check

  • To print a copy of the TESCO bill To print your TESCO bill, follow these steps:
  • To print, click on the upper right corner of your tab and click on the Print symbol.
  • It will direct you to the page that you can print.
  • Choose the printer’s location.
  • Choose a portrait layout and choose the print option.
  • Select A4 as your size of the page from the options menu.
  • Next, select the header and footer options.
  • Choose Print on the menu drop-down.
  • What is the reference number, and how do I find it?
  • A reference number is a unique identification for your account. It can be located on the previous bill.

Just write it down and then follow my steps.

I’m assuming you are aware of the number mention in the preceding paragraph. If you’re standing, sitting or lying on your bed, it’s now possible to look up your bill online. All you need be doing is

  • Take your phone out regardless of whether it is Android or as well as an iPhone.
  • You must activate your browser for the web (Google Chrome or Safari).
  • Type onlineduplicatebills.com into your browser.
  • Use the Search or Go button to begin.
  • A box appears in the middle in the centre of the display.
  • Fill in the blanks by entering the reference numbers.
  • Press the Create button.
  • You can also double-check the amount of your invoice in real time.

How to Print TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill?

Print the TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill, follow these steps: TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill To print your TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill, follow these steps:

  • To start, click the button to the left.
  • Then, enter your 14-digit reference number.
  • Then, press the Submit button.
  • Your TESCO online bill will be display at the top of the page.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the File menu and select “Page Setup.”
  • Select “A4” as the paper size.
  • Take out from the table all values for “Header” and “Footer.”
  • Select “Portrait” as your Orientation choice.
  • Now press OK.
  • In the menu File, choose “Print.”
  • After selecting the printer that is suitable After that, press on the Print Button.

TESCO has its headquarters in Peshawar. It is an electricity supplier (standard agency) which provides electricity for tribal as well as FATA regions, which includes the cities below:

TESCO Duplicate Bill Payment Methods

Let’s begin with the typical payment method: going into the postal office. If you go to the post office, you have to get up early to stand in line to make your payment in time. Those who do not arrive early will wait a full year without water or food.

To avoid this popular and lengthy approach, let’s talk about an easy and standard method that requires only a handful of software.

TESCO Bill Calculator

  • You know you can determine the amount of electricity you use using a simple formula.
  • Then, double-check your meter’s reading. Or, let’s guess the reading.
  • The electric power unit is KW/H, which means Kilowatts per Hour.
  • It was 32-watt CLF for 20 hours.
  • 32-watt CLF x 20 hours = 640 W/H = 0.64 KW/H.
  • 0.64 KW/H * 30 days of the month = 19.2 KW/H for a month.

Keep in mind there are various units for each phase of usage, similar to business rates.

TESCO Bill Rate

  • Between 1 and 50 units, the rate is 3.5 1 PKR.
  • From 51 to 100 units The rate is 4.8 per cent.
  • From 101 to 300 units, The rate is approximately 8 PKR.

Areas that fall under TESCO

Tribal Areas Electricity Supply Company includes six FRs and seven organizations. FRs. TESCO offers power to seven companies. The names of these areas are:

  • Mohmand Agency
  • Kurram Agency
  • South Waziristan Agency
  • Bajaur Agency
  • Orakzai Agency
  • North Waziristan Agency
  • Khyber Agency
  • The names of FRs are as follows:
  • Tank
  • Deraa Ismail Khan
  • Lakki
  • Peshawar
  • Kohat
  • Bannu

TESCO Working Time

TESCO is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. until five p.m. Sunday is the day when there are two hours for jummah prayer. On Fridays, there are two hours for Jummah prayers. When it is not open, it is possible to contact them anytime for any questions regarding electricity or issue.

For any questions regarding customer service, you can contact the number provided below. Also, you can contact the TESCO helpdesk for immediate assistance for any electrical issues.

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