MG 3 Car Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Mileage

We will now discuss the MG 3 Car Price in Pakistan 2022 launch date and the Specifications. You may be wondering what the cost for MG 3 in Pakistan is and the specifics of its launch date and specifications. Here, you will be able to see and get all the information. We’re sure you have witnessed the massive popularity of this MG HS SUV in Pakistan. This automaker is providing a huge challenge to its rivals. Soon, they’ll introduce additional models.

Mg 3 is one of the most sought-after Mg automobiles. This is why people want to keep up-to-date with Mg 3 prices. Mg 3 2022 prices in Pakistan. This page will provide the complete information regarding the model 2022 from Mg 3. Alongside Mg 3 2022’s specifications and features, You can also view images as well as reviews and pricing information. Learn more on the capacity of the seats and horsepower, engine ratings, and fuel consumption.

Morris Garages (MG) Motors is a Chinese-owned British automotive firm concerned about MG 3 Price in Pakistan 2022 and MG 3 specifications. MG 3 will launch in Pakistan by the end of 2022 or in the first quarter of 2022.

The MG 3 Car Price in Pakistan 2022

3.MG Car Price Is: PKR 2,000,000

The second-generation vehicle is now available worldwide on the market. The owner of MG Pakistan, Javed Afridi, has teased the arrival of the MG 3 within Pakistan at under 2 million dollars. If it occurs, it would mean that the MG 3 would be one of the nation’s cheapest hatchbacks.

MG 3 2022 Car Exterior Details

MGs have a long history of making unique and stylish cars that are affordable and fun to drive. MG3 is no different. It’s one of the top-value hatchbacks available, with an extensive list of features that will ensure your experience is unforgettable. Its Mg 3 2022’s design and exterior are sturdy because of the improved construction quality. Overall, the car has a pleasing appearance.

After the announcements regarding Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson after the announcement of Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson, the MG Motor company has decided and stated that they would be delivering their MG 3 motors in Pakistan soon, as many have already reserved. In addition, each vehicle will be handled by Javeed Afridi, the manager, and manager of the Orient and Peshawer Zalimi Team.

MG 3 Car Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Mileage

MG 3 Car Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Mileage

The vehicle is imported, and they begin to sell it on the Pakistani automotive market. The most recent social media post posted by Javed Afridi asks people to submit their ideas on the cost of the MG 3. The price of the car is not yet finalized, but talks are underway.

MG 3 2022 Car Inside Details

In the shadow of the exterior is one of the largest supermini interiors. It is also backed by a modern-day safety feature that includes six airbags and the standard traction control. The Mg 3 2022’s inside is comfortable and accommodating for passengers and drivers. The vehicle is equipped with many modern features.

Here’s the anticipated MG 3 Price in Pakistan 2022. This is the most-anticipated hatchback for Pakistani citizens. Pakistan and MG have promised to unveil MG 3 soon in Pakistan.

MG 3 Specifications for Cars

The car is available as a compact hatchback. You can be sure that it will be competitive with Suzuki Swift and Toyota Vitz/Yaris. Suzuki Swift and Toyota Vitz/Yaris. This car is being sold out on the world market in its second generation.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • No. of Cylinder 4
  • Transmission Type Manual
  • Motor Displacement (Cc) 1498
  • The capacity of Seating 5
  • Body Type Hatchback

The price of Mg 3 2022 in Pakistan is at a higher level. It is suggested that you gather all relevant details regarding a car before buying or selling. However, understanding the specifications and features for the Mg 3 2022 is essential for both sellers and buyers. It is worth noting that Pakistan’s Mg 3 2022 cost is more expensive than prior models.

Many people prefer buying a brand new car at the showroom. The Mg3 2022 showrooms can be found situated across different cities in Pakistan. They provide both sales and support services for their clients. If you’re short on budget, you could consider buying a used Mg 3 to enable you to save money.

MG 3 2022 Car Mileage

The MG 3 has an unimpressive mileage of 10 km/l in the city and 18 km/l on the highway.

MG 3 2022 Car Colors

MG 3 is available in the following colors:

  • Pitch black
  • Arctic white
  • Ruby red blacktop
  • Ruby red and white top
  • Thames blue
  • Tudor yellow
  • Tudor yellow White top

MG 3 2022 Car Competitors

MG 3 has some major rivals within Pakistan. MG 3 has some major competitors in the Pakistani market, including Suzuki Swift, Kia Picanto, and Toyota Vitz.

While Suzuki Swift is equipped with the 1.3L engine, it is more powerful and offers greater fuel efficiency over MG 3. It also offers more ride control and performance over the MG 3.

Toyota Vitz is another strong rival because of its success in its home market of the Pakistani market. Its parts are readily available, and its smooth-riding is among the most prominent features.

Kia Picanto also provides solid competition against MG 3 due to its high efficiency in fuel consumption and the assortment of practical and practical driver-assist functions.

MG 3 2022 Car Specifications

  • 1.5-litre NA 4-cylinder inline petrol


  • Maximum power- 82 kW @ 6000 rpm
  • Maximum torque- 150 Nm @ 4500 rpm


  • Automatic transmission with 4 speeds.

Tire size:

  • Core alloy wheels with 15 inches
  • Excite16-inch two-tone machined alloy wheels

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