MG 3 Car Price in Pakistan 2022

MG Car Prices in Pakistan:

1.MG Car Prices in Pakistan: The prices of a MG Car in Pakistan start from PKR 4,399,

2.0 for a new MG ZS to PKR 8,900,

There are 797 MG cars for sale in Pakistan on PakWheels.

History of MG. MG Motors began in 1924 as a British sportscar manufacturer. Over the years, it has been owned by various automotive brands – including MG Rover, Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC), and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The current owner is Nanjing Automobile, which was formerly known as SAIC.

China’s largest car manufacturer, SAIC, currently owns MG Motors. It manufactures MG cars in China and exports them across the globe. MG Motors acquired the greenfield status under Pakistan’s Automotive Development Policy 2016-2020.

MG partnered with the owners of Haier Pakistan and Peshawar Zalmi to create MG Motors, which began manufacturing in Pakistan.

MG 3 2022 Price in Pakistan – Pictures, Specs & Features

The MG 3 price in Pakistan has been released by the company. The price of this luxury car is very attractive for all the buyers. This is the first time when MG Motor Pakistan will produce a new model at its factory.

After MG Motors, Javed Afridi Import has already hinted about the MG3 car, the MG3 price in Pakistan, 2022, and other details about the MG3 car in this interview.
The car has a spacious trunk, multiple types of engines, several choices for transmissions. It’s 8-inch touchscreen, airbags, and parking assistance make it extra useful. Cameras for reversing the car, and sensors for parking assist you to park the car conveniently.

The car is also equipped with a pressure control system. Moreover, its powerful engine of 106 PS and a manual transmission of 5 speed is the best choice for hastening around.


The car is equipped with a spacious and luxurious interior. Its comfortable seating for five people and advanced features make your journey convenient.

The 2017 Mitsubishi is equipped with the highly advanced infotainment system. Its infotainment features include an 8-inch touchscreen display.

All of the features of the Bluetooth-enabled phone and the safety approach ensure that you’re safe while driving. The airbags, traction control and other safety features ensure that you always remain connected.

It has premium speakers and a luxurious sound system. The car consists of connectivity modes of USB and AUX. The air conditioner is equipped with pollen and dust filters. The seating system is managed by the split-folding rear seats, which provides flexibility for luggage storage and roomy legroom.

Some other interior features of MG 3 800 ccs are audio controls installed on the steering wheel, bottle holders, front door bins, and speed associated volume controls.


The exterior of the MG 3, which is the most fashionable model, includes the innovative body that makes the vehicle look like it was made from high-grade materials. It includes a variety of colors, including a range of high-gloss paints, as well as an array of vivid metallic colors.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your car, check its features before buying it. Alloy wheels are a great way to improve the style and feel of your car while offering the best in safety.

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