How to Check My LESCO Bill

Welcome to the website of lesco bill. On this page, you can access the account online of your lesco by reference # or Customer ID. You can see the amount of your Bill and the due date and see if payment status has been confirmed that the Bill was due or has not been paid. Enter the reference numbers or your customer ID below to view the Bill. To view your LESCO Bill Online, it is necessary to locate the Referral Number or Customer ID. Looking closely at your Bill for utility, you’ll see two boxes at the top left corner. One of them has the Reference Number, while the other has the Customer ID, like the image below. Using a Customer ID or Reference Number to verify your Bill online is possible.

Check LESCO Bill Online

The most simple website to view the Lesco bill online for commercial, residential or industrial connections. It works fine on all devices (mobile/desktop/tablet). You can find your bill details for April 2023 by entering a reference number, downloading the bills in PDF format, or printing them for no cost.

How to Check My LESCO Bill

How to Check My LESCO Bill

LESCO has been working hard to make its billing simple for all kinds of users. For checking your LESCO bills, you’ll need to do nothing. Click the button below and type in your Reference Number or Customer ID. You will have the invoice you’ll need to pay, the due date, and the status of your Bill, whether the Bill has been born or not.

How to Check My LESCO Bill?

  1. You must enter a reference number or customer ID to see your electricity bill from Rwanda. It is now easy to enter reference numbers that you need to enter, while our platform will take care of the input field’s focus. Other websites can be somewhat confusing to manually change the focus for the second and third input fields; however, we make it simpler to input the reference number by focusing on the input field itself. Therefore, we have provided the most efficient method of checking bills.
  2. We have made it simple to look up the electric Bill for lesco online. You can print or download Bill’s duplicate copy at no cost. This web-generated Bill can be used to deposit the amount of the Bill in any bank.
  3. We will keep saving your monthly bills when you check often. If you’re seeking your Bill from November 2022, you will check it out here (if you examined your Bill this month). You can also sign up for the bill email service, and you will be notified of your new invoice for February 2022 through email.

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