Honda HR-V 1.5L Prices in Pakistan 2023

The latest HRV model from Honda is a symbol of the highest level of technology. Honda HR-V 1.5L Prices in Pakistan 2023 Model is updated this month. It’s a magnificent family car that is powered by a 1800cc in-line four-cylinder engine that is able to produce 140 horsepower, resulting in an exciting and thrilling ride. It has a multipoint fuel injection system that contributes to the efficiency of fuel and eco-friendly behavior of the car. To make parking easier in tight spaces the car comes with an Electronic Parking Brake that is equipped with an Automatic Brake Hold Mechanism.

In terms of transmission, the vehicle comes with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) as well as Six speeds of manual Transmission (6MT). The CVT system, Honda HRV 2018 gives an average of 35 and 28 MPG on city and highway respectively. The 6MT system in contrast offers a little less mileage. The tank’s capacity for fuel is more than 13 gallons. That means that in only one refill you will be able to travel more than 4 hundred kilometers.

Honda HR-V 1.5L Price is PKR 79.0 – 82.0 lacs

Complete Personalization

The new HRV is also able to offer buyers an incredible degree of personalization. When you make the purchase, or afterward you’ll be able to customize the most important components of the HRV both inside as well as the exterior. Some of the parts that are customizable for the exterior are wheel locks 17-inch machine-finish alloy wheels and ski-related attachments the snowboard mount, bicycle attachment roof mount bars for crossbars and door edges, films door edge guards body side modeling as well as hood air deflectors, nasal mask, and moon-roof-visor. Carton tray and organizer emergency kit for cargo, cargo liner the cargo cover lighting seat cover, and the automatic dimming mirror are just a few of the accessories that can be customized for the interior. Remote Engine Start System II is an electronic device to this elegant travel companion.

A Wide Variety of Models

There are several models offered by this renowned Japanese automaker, and they come with different Honda HRV price for 2018 in Pakistan.The LX model, EX and the EX are models of HRV, each with additional three or four variants. TwoWD and AWD are the three variants. 2WD, as well as the AWD, are variations of LX, EX, and AWD models. LX model. The 2WD model is available in continuously variable transmission as well as a 6-Speed Manual Transmission. The AWD is, however, equipped using only the CVT transmission. The common features across all LX models include a multi-angle camera in the rear, a 5-inch color LCD screen remote access, USB audio interface, Bluetooth, and LED brake lights.

When you look at three EX models, they are equipped with a huge 7-inch touch screen for audio and a power moon roof and front seating heated, Pandora compatibility, push-button start, smart entry, for instance. Its EX-L Navi model comes with 2WD and AWD versions that come with enhanced EX features. These include roof rails HD radio SiriusXM radio, leather-trimmed interior, and the Honda Satellite Navigation System with Voice Recognition.

Honda HR-V 1.5L Prices in Pakistan 2023 Model

Honda HR-V Price Specs and Pictures

Many trendy colors both for Interior and Exterior:

It’s an issue of personal preference to decide the look of your HRV as the wide variety of colors is accessible. For example, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Deep Ocean Pearl, Milano Red, Misty Green Pearl and Mulberry Metallic are the shades that are used for exteriors of the only CVT models. There are more stunning exterior colors available for all models. These include Crystal Black Pearl, Misty Green Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic and White Orchard Pearl. Moving to the interiors, you can are able to select from black fabric, Gray Leather and Black Leather. Fabric-covered seats are available in both the EX as well as LX EX models Leather seating is available only in an EX-L Navi model.

Five-Star Safety Measures Rated:

Based on a variety of enhancements to safety the brand new Honda HRV 2018 has earned five stars in safety rating from the Department of Transportation’s New Car Assessment Program. There are several advanced features in the vehicle to safeguard the lives of the passengers in the event of unexpected circumstances. These include the Vehicle Stability Assist and Traction Control that guarantees a stable and well-controlled drive. Its Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist, and Electronic Brake Distribution are built-in systems that control the braking process. Other safety-promoting features that are worthy of mention include the Daytime Running Lights and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and a Multiple Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines.

Honda: A Trusted Brand

Honda is a well-established name in the auto industry. They’re known for their commitment to creating high-quality vehicles that cater to various needs, and the 2023 HR-V 1.5L is no exception. When you choose Honda, you’re investing in reliability, longevity, and a solid reputation that stretches across decades and continents.

The 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L: A Closer Look

Let’s dig deeper into the HR-V 1.5L’s key features. Sleek and stylish, the HR-V combines elegance with practicality. Its interior boasts comfortable seating, ample cargo space, and cutting-edge tech to enhance your driving experience. Under the hood, the efficient 1.5L engine delivers smooth performance while ensuring commendable fuel economy, making it a cost-effective choice for Pakistan’s roads.

Prices: Striking the Perfect Balance

We know what you’re wondering: “How much does this remarkable vehicle cost?” The good news is that Honda has done a fantastic job balancing quality and affordability. The 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L’s price in Pakistan is competitively placed, delivering incredible value for your investment.


Q: What’s the fuel economy of the 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L? A: The HR-V 1.5L is renowned for its excellent fuel economy, making it a cost-effective choice for drivers. Exact figures may vary based on driving conditions and habits.

Q: Is the 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L suitable for long drives? A: Absolutely. With its comfortable seating, spacious interiors, and advanced technology, the HR-V 1.5L is designed for both city commutes and long drives.

In conclusion, the 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L represents an outstanding blend of luxury and affordability in the SUV market. As a prospective buyer in Pakistan, it’s an option that guarantees comfort, performance, and value.

Note: The exact prices of the 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L are subject to change based on market factors. We recommend reaching out to your local Honda dealership for the most accurate and current pricing details.

Bearing the stamp of Honda’s trust, this vehicle is a testimony to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rest assured, investing in a 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L promises an unmatched automotive experience that you can trust, every time you take the wheel.

Are you ready to experience the 2023 Honda HR-V 1.5L? Contact your nearest Honda dealership today!

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