Toyota Hiace Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Interior Exterior

Toyota introduced the van for the big families Toyota Hiace. The history of the Toyota Hiace is very old. The first generation of the Toyota Hiace had introduced in 1967. Toyota Hiace Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Interior Exterior details also available on this page. The first generation of the Toyota Hiace had become most popular among the people. The high attention in the favour of Toyota Hiace Toyota company has introduced the 2nd generation after the ten years launching the first generation. In the time of 40+ years, Toyota company has been introduced the six generations of the Toyota Hiace in the International market.

The 5th generation of the Toyota Hiace was introduced in 2004. Almost in the period of fifteen years, Toyota Hiace has been running its 5th generation. The present Toyota Hiace is the 6th generation vehicle of the Toyota company. the 6th generation of the Toyota Hiace is introduced in 2022.

Toyota Hiace Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Interior Exterior

Toyota Hiace Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specs Interior Exterior

Toyota Hiace is the passenger van and also called the minibus. Toyota Hiace is mostly used for transport. It is a mid-engine type four-wheel-drive vehicle. Toyota Hiace is available in two body shapes a mid roof and a standard roof.

Toyota Hiace is a spacious cabin-type vehicle. It has a high roof and the interior of the van is decorated with black and grey plastic. The vehicle is available in the four doors and fourteen-person seat capacity. The van is an air conditioner.  The van is designed with power steering, power windows, and a good speaker system. Toyota company also has a safety system such as dual SRS airbags and seat belts. The airbags and seat belts provide more safety to the passengers and driver in collisions conditions.

Toyota Hiace 2022 Interior

Toyota Hiace has a wide exterior of the car. The front of the Toyota Hiace is more attractive. It has a rectangular front grille. The vehicle has the well quality headlights. Toyota Hiace 2022 has been built to accommodate 12 or 14 people in complete luxury with air conditioning and an expansive layout. Toyota Hiace’s configuration of seats comprises two seats to the right side and one left. Its comfy seats also eliminate any vibrations from the rough road conditions. The high Roof of Toyota Hiace is an extremely popular commercial vehicle in Pakistan.

Toyota Hiace’s interior features dark gray plastic parts for trim. The seats are made of cloth. The car comes with typical power steering features such as air conditioning, tachometers, power windows, and stereo speakers. Other options include cruise control and satellite navigation available in this vehicle, located on the inside.

Toyota Hiace 2022 Exterior

Toyota Hiace has a Length is about 4,695 mm (184.8inches), a Width of 1,695 mm (66.7 inches), and the Height of the van is  1,980 mm (78 inches). The wheelbase of the vehicle is 2,570 mm (101.2 inches).

The car, Toyota Hiace exterior, is a style of a boxy van. The front of the vehicle is rectangular headlights with a side-swept design with dual air intakes, and the grille is rectangular. The rear of the vehicle has the trapezium-styled stacked vertical side-swept taillights and the typical case tailgate.

Toyota Hiace 2022 engine Type is 2TR-FE, 16-valve DOHC with VVT-I. It produces 134bhp @ 3400RPM and 300Nm of torque over the range 1200rpm to 2400RPM. It is the most powerful engine of the present. The torque available at low RPM implies that the car has plenty of low-end torque and requires minimal effort to get around through traffic.

Engine of Toyota Hiace 2022

Toyota Hiace is available in only one variant Toyota Hiace Manual Transmission is the diesel engine and petrol engine. The engine capacity of the Toyota Hiace is about 2700cc gasoline engine and 2986cc engine.

Toyota Hiace Engine

  • 2.7 Liter DOHC 16 Valve VVT-I Inline-4
  • 3.0 Liter OHC 8 Valve Inline-4 Diesel

Toyota Hiace Gearbox

  • 5-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Automatic

Toyota Hiace Mileage

  • 70 Liter Tank
  • 9KM/L
  • 630KM Distance

Toyota Hiace Specifications

  • 2.7 Liters DOHC 16 Valve VVT-I Inline-4 160bhp @5800RPM
  • 3.0 Liter OHC 8 Valve Inline-4 Diesel 97bhp@5800RPM

Pros & Cons


  • Spacious
  • 4WD and 2WD options


  • Poor fuel economy

Toyota Indus Motor Company launched the new 6th generation Toyota Hiace Deluxe in Pakistan in August . The well-known Hiace model first came out globally in 1967, and ever since then, it has received a lot of acclaim in Pakistan. The sixth generation of Hiace launched in the Philippines at the beginning of the year is now making its way to the automobile sector in Pakistan. This is the first time the automaker has introduced a new version of Hiace with a semi-bonnet style.

Toyota Hiace Toyota HiAce is an automobile manufactured through Toyota, the Japanese maker Toyota and on this page, we’ll discuss Toyota Hiace Model Price in Pakistan 2022 specs, features, and Pics. Toyota is currently one of the most successful manufacturers of MPVs, which is a part of Pakistan. Like the other manufacturers, certain automobiles of that Toyota Hiace modern shape developed with different shapes referred to as the generations. The current design that is this model of the Toyota Hiace is the fifth generation.

Toyota Hiace 2022 will be powered by the 1GD-FTV 16-Valve DOHC 4-cylinder 2.8L diesel engine. In-line cylinders have direct injection fuel systems for all variants. In addition, Euro II as an emissions standard makes the environment healthier. This 2755 cc Toyota Hiace with a compression ratio of 15:6 is an engine that is powerful and produces 130kW with 3400 RPM in the top-of-the-line Roof commuter variant. In the other two models, it generates an impressive 115 kW when it is operating at 3600 pm. The maximal in 420 Nm torque is achievable with 2600 RPM. The commuter versions from Toyota Hiace come with a manual transmission, while the tourer model is automatic.

Toyota Hiace 2022 Toyota Hiace 2022 highlights a rectangular-shaped van-like design. The front features rectangular headlights with side-cleared sides, a rectangular grille, and double air space. The back is home to stacked trapezium-style horizontal side-cleared taillights and an ordinary rear end. Toyota Hiace falls under the roof-style vehicles that are stylish.

Inside, the car is adorned with dark, metallic trim pieces. The seats are covered in a rough texture. Highlights that are standard include cooling, control controls, control windows, the tachometer, and a stereo sound system. Other options include the satellite route as well as journey control.

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