Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2023 Model

Toyota Aqua 2023 model has been unveiled in Pakistan and we’ve shared Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan Specifications Features Review Pics. Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2023 Model. It’s a two-wheel hybrid that is made by Toyota. Toyota Aqua can be described as a chic and elegant automobile. Its type of transmission is automated and comes with four doors. Its front grill has been created with a clever design. It also has keys for entry. Toyota Aqua has 1496cc of capacity and has a fantastic fuel consumption of 21-24km/l.

As part of this effort, the first-generation Aqua was launched in the plant of Iwate, Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. (then Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.) in which was the year that saw the Great East Japan Earthquake. In an effort to increase the number of hybrid vehicles in the market as well as the search of “creating a small car that can be used in the coming 10 years” The Aqua was able to combine the incredible convenience of a small car and the remarkable performance in terms of fuel efficiency and the quietness of a hybrid electric model with an affordable cost.

Since its introduction over 1.87 million Aquas, Aqua is adored in its own owners resulting in the overall reduction of CO2 emissions of around 12.4 million tonnes.

Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of this vehicle in Pakistan is between 30 and 40 lac, based on the features installed in the car. It is an import car, so there’s a difference in price for this car.

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan PKR 4,500,000

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2023 Model

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

New Model Toyota Aqua Interior

It is among the top cars that were launched by Toyota in the Hybrid Categories. We know that Hybrid vehicles are much better than other cars in Pakistan due to the fact that a lot of fuel is saved making use of these cars. The interior of this vehicle is extremely well-designed with various options such as power windows and power steering, LCD, and most importantly, airbags since in Pakistan most vehicles do not have airbags that are the primary safety function of the car.

Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan is up a bit this year. The vehicle comes with Automatic transmission. We recognize that in Pakistan it is becoming increasingly difficult to drive a manual vehicle due to the increasing traffic on the roads daily.

That’s why a lot of people are opting for Automatic automobiles. Additionally, if we consider the exterior, it is extremely well-designed. Toyota has designed this car in a its unique shape, which is why it attracts the attention of lots of people. It’s beautifully coated and available in various colors. Customers are able to pick the one that suits their preference.

Toyota Aqua Fuel Average

There is still confusion about Toyota aqua, and don’t know the type of engine is fitted in the car. To inform the public that is interested, they have installed the hybrid engine since the efficiency of this engine is superior in comparison to other engines. Additionally, the vehicle has a range of 18 to 20km under a single liter of petrol.

New Toyota Aqua 2023 Specifications

The brand new Aqua is a refinement and continuation of the functions of the predecessor and is with the aim of “creating the perfect compact car that will last for 10 years” along with the aforementioned features, which are designed to allow drivers to enjoy their cars every day with pleasure, security, and security and with ease, it delivers an outstanding environmental performance.

Apart from achieving superior environmental performance through its low consumption of fuel at 35.8 km/liter/5, it also delivers excellent driving performance because of smooth acceleration. Additionally, as expected that the Aqua is equipped with a wide assortment of thoughtfully considered equipment, which includes the standard equipment on all grades, which includes the 100-volt (alternating current)/1,500-watt accessory power outlet, as well as an emergency power source option which allows power to be pulled from the vehicle to be used for outside usage in the event of blackouts.

Below are the full specifications of this vehicle. If you are interested in buying this car , he can review all the specifications of the car here. You can then purchase the car.

Toyota Aqua 2023 Exterior

Toyota Aqua exterior features a unique sporty design language. The front features stylish LED headlights that are narrow, and upswept LED headlights, a massive hexagon grille, and regular angular trapezium-style fog lights. The rear side is home to long taillights that are vertically swept that have circular inserts an enormous rear bumper as well as the standard hatchback. The facelift version that came with Toyota Aqua featured a series of cosmetic changes.

The front ends feature new upward-swept headlights with a sharper angle and a bigger, more robustly designed front bumper, the large hexagon grille, and two standard circular fog lights. The interior is adorned with metal HVAC vents as well as the new climate control cluster and the rear features new taillights that have been redesigned. The various versions that are available for Toyota Aqua feature identical styling in all aspects. The overall appearance is the same as that of 1st Generation Toyota Aqua features a distinct and distinctive design style that makes it stand apart from other vehicles in its class.

New Toyota Aqua 2023 Interior

The inside part of Toyota Aqua is compromises of black plastic parts. The rear and front seats are covered with cloth. The standard features of the One include auto climate control, a 4-speaker stereo system with speakers, 3.5-inch multi-information display, a four-way power driver seat as well a four-way power passenger seat and a multi-function steering wheel. keyless entry, nine airbags, and an accessory port for 12V.

The features that are standard on Two Two include satellite navigation and a 6.1-inch multi-information display, as standard and a 6-speaker stereo sound system that is standard, and split rear seats that fold up. The Three versions come with alloy wheels that come standard and larger tires, as well as side-impact airbags as well as power drive seats in standard.

Latest Features of Toyota Aqua 2023

The options include satellite navigation, a 6.1-inch multimedia display a 6-speaker stereo system with speakers powered moonroof, reversing camera, a touch tracer display cruise control, 6-way driver seat with power and leather upholstery. The 1st Generation Toyota Aqua cabin features adequate space for an interior hatchback with its dimensions. It also comes with an acceptable level of comfort as well as interior luxury.


1.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4


CVT Automatic Transmission


Toyota Aqua 1. Toyota Aqua 1st Generation can attain an average speed of 37KM/L. This makes the potential for a driving range that can reach 1184KM from the hatchback’s small 35-gallon fuel tank.


The most prominent rivals for the 1st Generation Toyota Aqua are the Honda Insight, Toyota Prius and the Lexus CT200h.


1.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 99bhp @ 4000RPM

Pros & Cons

  • Very affordable
  • quite spacious
  • Comfortable interior
  • Good ride quality
  • Quiet interior
  • Good variety of equipment available for standard use

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