Suzuki APV 2022 Price In Pakistan Shape Interior Exterior

Suzuki APV new 2022 model is a great vehicle in Pakistan. Comfort and efficiency of engine and vast space in the increase its demand. Suzuki APV first generation was launched in 2005. Suzuki Every is replaced by the Suzuki APV.

Suzuki APV has latest features, it is a large vehicle. Suzuki APV is a spacious car that stored much of luggage in the car. Suzuki APV contain 8 person seats capacity in the car. It is also be called a family van, as large seating capacity makes it more useful for family journey. Suzuki APV can also be used as a commercial purpose.

Suzuki APV 2022 Price In Pakistan: Rs. 3,040,000/-

Suzuki APV 2022 Overview

Suzuki APV is a vast transporter vehicle. Suzuki APV is designed a wagon type vehicle. Suzuki AOV has the a high quality bumper with stylish grille. Grille is designed within the bumper. It has the short bonnet, fog lamp and headlights.

Suzuki APV Interior

Interior of the Suzuki APV has a great importance, it has dual air conditioner, comfortable seats which can be straighten. AVP some latest features are, USB pot, AUX, CD player and MP3 player.

Height Suzuki APV 2022

Suzuki APV is 1,880 mm in height, 1,665 mm in width and 4,000 mm in length. Suzuki APV has 355.6 mm (14 inchs) wheel base. Suzuki APV has the power steering, keyless entry system and immobilizer.

Suzuki APV 2022 model gives charming and decent look. Its tyer’s grip on the road and power steering give smooth and well experience of the driving.

New Suzuki APV 2022 Mileage

Suzuki APV has the 1493 cc engine of 1.5L. Suzuki APV engine has the 4 cylinders and 16 valves. Suzuki APV is available in only one variant, Suzuki APV Manual Transmission. Suzuki AVP give well fuel average.

Suzuki APV 2022 Specification

Suzuki company designed a new family car fo r the comfort of the people. Suzuki company has designed the Suzuki APV. Suzuki company manufactured the Suzuki APV is in the place of Suzuki Every. Suzuki APV is a front engine front wheel drive MPV. Suzuki APV is the first vehicle that was launched in Pakistan. The first generation of the Suzuki APV was running. The first generation of the Suzuki APV was introduced in the 2005. The present vehicle of Suzuki is based on the advanced form of the first generation.

Suzuki APV 2022 Price In Pakistan Shape Interior Exterior Mileage

Suzuki APV 2022 Price In Pakistan Shape Interior Exterior Mileage Details

Suzuki APV has power steering, power steering helps the vehicle makes smooth traveling on any kinds of road. The vehicle also has the dual AC, The AC of the car is Automatic and powerful. Suzuki company made the Suzuki APV safe to introduced the keyless entry in the Suzuki APV. Suzuki APV also has the immobilizer.

Exterior Suzuki APV 2022

Suzuki APV has the Length of the car is 4,230 mm (166.5 inches), Width is 1,655 mm (65.2 inches) and the Height of the car is about 1,855 mm (73 inches). The wheel base of the car is 355.6 mm (14 inches). Suzuki APV carry the Weight is 1270 kg.

Suzuki APV is a huge van has the 8 person caring capacity with 4 doors. Suzuki APV has the spacious interior and comfortable seats. The front of the Suzuki APV is more beautiful. It has the rectangular chrome grille and stylish head lights. Suzuki APV has the beautiful dashboard contains the entertainment features like MP3 player, USB port and FM/AM.

Suzuki APV is available in only one variants, Suzuki APV Manual Transmission. The vehicle has the engine of 1493cc displacement engine.

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