Keeway Superlight 200 Price in Pakistan 2023 Model Images and Reviews

Factory customs are among the most loved motorcycles on the planet Keeway’s Superlight 200 fits the bill perfectly. Keeway Superlight 200 Price in Pakistan 2023 Model Images and Reviews. The most recognizable motorcycle design made through Keeway Motors is the Superlight 200 features a 200cc single-cylinder oil-cool engine. Superlight 200 is a unique motorcycle with a unique design that is difficult to describe in one sentence. Superlight was designed to amaze you in all ways. The classic and sporty body and the matte paint create a unique look.

Keeway Superlight 200 Price in Pakistan

Keeway Superlight 200 Price is Rs730,000.00.

The fashionable solar visor and the windshield give an excellent level of comfort and the spacious footrest, and the two-seat is designed to protect passengers and the driver from wind gusts at high speed. Superlight is specifically made for people who frequently commute in cities that can reach speeds between 50 and 80 km/h. The dimensions and weight of the bike can be used for both women and men. There is no restriction on height. The low-slung seat is suitable for females and big-sized riders. With a unique body shape and a huge fuel tank, it’s awe-inspiring and enables you to take on its rivals on the market.

The Superlight 200 is designed to invoke the classic look and sound and feel. The Superlight 200 features the fat fender with thick tires, a custom-painted and chrome-tinted appearance that fashion-conscious riders appreciate. KEEWAY Superlight 200 Dimensions can be described in the form follows. KEEWAY Superlight’s length is 200 is, width is -, length is – height is – and wheelspin is if you know the Superlight 200 dimension, You will be able to comprehend the size of KEEWAY Superlight 200.

Keeway Superlight 200 Price in Pakistan 2023 Model Images and Reviews

Keeway Superlight 200 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Images and Reviews

SUPERLIGHT 200, known as “superlight,” has been voted the cheapest bike available in Pakistan among the entire range of Keeway bikes. The market of SUPERLIGHT 200 is mostly across Pakistan. The service cost for SUPER 200 is inexpensive, which makes the bike extremely popular throughout Pakistan. Balance and stability during long-distance riding on the motorcycle are protected by the 110 millimeters in front and 80 millimeters in the back Telescopic forks. The Front supports the brake system on the motorcycle and the Back single discs of 275 mm a total fuel tank capacity provided by motorcycles of 15 liters.

Keeway Superlight 200 Features

The cost of a Keeway SUPERLIGHT 200 bicycle is Rs730,000.00. in Pakistan. The engine is a V2, four-stroke. The bike is electric with kick-starts. Its displacement is 197cc. Its mileage is decent. The weight of the bike is 134 kg. The fuel capacity of this motorcycle is fifteen L. Are you looking for KEEWAY’s bike cost in Pakistan? You’re in the right spot. This page lists all KEEWAY bike models and their price lists in this article. You can also check the cost on the road for each model available in your region.

Engine V2, Four-stroke Displacement 197 cc
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 62.2 mm Compression Ratio 8.3:1
Clutch Wet Multi-plate Transmission 5-speed
Starting Self Starter Frame bassinet
Dimension (LxWxH) 2260 Ground Clearance 120 mm
Petrol Capacity 15 L Tyre at Front 110 – 16
Tyre at Back 130 – 15 Dry Weight 134 KG
Import Country Engine Type

KEEWAY is among the most popular and well-known small and light cruisers. They currently offer KEEWAY K Light and KEEWAY Super Light in Pakistan. KEEWAY is the best option for those who want simple and lightweight cruisers that are easy to handle at a reasonable price.

KEEWAY Bike Prices in Pakistan

The cost of a KEEWAY Bike in Pakistan begins at 415,000 PKR for a brand newly-released KEEWAY Super Light to PKR 425,000 for a brand-new KEEWAY K-Light. There are two brand-new models of bikes for sale at KEEWAY dealerships throughout Pakistan.

A variety of KEEWAY Bikes are also accessible in used condition beginning at PKR 440,000 and used KEEWAY K-Light up to PKR 690,000 for used KEEWAY Super Light. There are 9 KEEWAY Bikes available for purchase.

KEEWAY Bike is one of the most well-known bicycle companies in Pakistan. The demand for its bikes is growing each day. KEEWAY Bike launched its KEEWAY K-Light along with KEEWAY Super Light bikes due to growing demand from customers. The KEEWAY bike has been introduced at an affordable price to consumers. The KEEWAY bike was created to be used on Pakistan’s roads in mind. Pakistan with the Pakistani roads in mind. Find out prices and specs for KEEWAY bicycles.

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