Honda Civic 1.8L Price In Pakistan 2024 Model

Honda Civic is available in two variants according to the engine power. The availability of car has an engine power of 1.8L (1800cc) and 1.5L (1500cc). Civic is manufactured by Honda company. Honda Civic1.8L Price In Pakistan 2024 Model is updated. Honda company is a Japanese automobile company that is famous all over the world for manufacturing high-quality and powerful automobiles. The history of the Honda Civic is very old. The first generation of the Honda Civic was introduced in 1972 in Britannia. At that time Honda Civic is a two-door vehicle. Honda company designed its hatchback, combined contains the three doors. Then Honda company introduced 4-doors Honda Civic.

Previous 19 years the last three generations of Honda Civic cars have not had big changes, but in 2016 Honda company redesigned the Honda Civic. Honda company increases the comfort of seats, the safety of drivers and passengers. Now the running car is the 10th generation car.

Honda Civic1.8L Price In Pakistan 2024 Model

Honda Civic1.8L Price In Pakistan 2022 Model

Honda Civic is a middle-size hatchback compact car in Pakistan. Honda Civic 1.8L is a spacious car. Honda Civic is manufactured with the latest features for the benefit of the people. Honda Civic 1.8 L is available in two variants,

  1. Honda Civic 1.8L Manual Transmission
  2. Honda Civic 1.8L Automatic Transmission

Honda company gives the features to the Honda Civic as Honda Civic is a sedan car that has a power mirror, power windows, ABS, EBS, and power steering. Honda Civic has a stylish curve-shaped dashboard. The dashboard contains the USB port, HD player, FM/AM, and MP3 player. The vehicle has 4 doors and 5 person-seat capacity.

The front of the Honda Civic car is more beautiful. Honda Civic has a stylish front grille and fog lights are placed in the front bumper. Honda Civic is a hatchback-shaped car. A large piece of luggage can be stored in the car.

Honda Civic has the specs as its length is 4,630 mm, Width is 1,799 mm and Hight is 1,433 mm. The wheelbase of the car is 1,799 mm. Honda Civic Cary’s weight is 1,267 kg.

Honda Civic 1.8L has a 1800cc engine displacement. Honda Civic has a powerful engine and gives good performance. Honda Civic is available in the petrol manual.

Honda Civic 1.8L Price In Pakistan 2024

The price of a Honda Civic 1.8L in Pakistan PKR 8,599,000 for the base variant Standard to PKR 10,199,000 for the top of the line RS variant

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