Honda Civic 1.5L Price In Pakistan 2024 Model

Honda company is the best-making vehicle in Pakistan. Thousands of cars of Honda company sold in every year. Honda company is a Japanese automobile maker company. Honda Civic 1.5L Price In Pakistan 2024 Model check Online Honda City and Honda Civic two major vehicles of Honda company, are the most selling cars in Pakistan. Honda Civic has three variants, two variants are available in 1.8L and one variant is available in 1.5L. 1.8L variants have fewer features and lower prices than variants of 1.5L. The 1.5L variant has greater features.

Since the Honda Civic is a very old manufactured vehicle of Honda company. About history, the Honda Civic is about 1973 launched vehicles. In passive of time, Honda company has changed in the technology of the Honda Civic. Now the Honda Civic is an advanced car.

Honda Civic 1.5L Price In Pakistan 2024 Model

Honda Civic 1.5L Price In Pakistan 2022 Model


Honda Civic 1.5L has a graceful exterior, the edges on the side of the cars make Honda Civic 1.5L more beautiful. Honda Civic has an angular C-shaped Bonet with daytime running LED lights. The headlights and grille of the Honda Civic car are designed in a horizontal row, and fog lights are set in the bumper of the car. Honda Civic has two grilles, the upper grille chrome while the Honda company redesigns the lower grille.

Honda Civic has features like Power Windows, Locked entry, Tachometer, a stylish speed meter, an Anti-lock braking system, and a Displacement is 1300 cc. The fuel tank capacity is 47 liters. Honda Civic’s exterior Length is 4,630 mm, Width is 1,799 mm and Hight is 1,433 mm. The wheelbase of the car is about 1,799 mm. Honda Civic curb weight is 1,282g.

The interior of the car is covered with black and dark silver plastic. The leather seats of the cars is covered with fiber sheat. The latest features of the car is auto climate control, 4 large speakers, an audio player system, 5 inches HD display system, traction control, electronic stability control, and a navigation system. The car contains a push-button start, keyless entry system, and power door mirror.

Honda Civic contains a 1.5L (1500cc) powered engine. The fuel average of 1.5L is better than the 1.8L. Honda is the name of the performance; Honda brand is popular for the quality and performance of the car.

The price of the Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo in Pakistan

Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024 starts from PKR 8,599,000 to PKR 10,199,000.

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