Honda Accord 2023 Model Price In Pakistan

The Honda Accord, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation, has been gracing the roads since 1976. This mid-size sedan, crafted meticulously by Honda, a Japanese automotive giant, has evolved over the years, adapting to the changing needs of its global audience. The 2023 model, a testament to Honda’s commitment to excellence, is no exception. With its sleek design, advanced features, and powerful performance, the Honda Accord 2023 is set to redefine urban driving in Pakistan.

Feature Details
Price in Pakistan PKR 1.55 crore
Availability Yes (Check with local dealerships for specific regions)
Engine Turbo 1.5 liters Inline 4-cylinders
Top Speed 180 km/h
Mileage 12 to 14 KM/L
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Highlights LED low-beam headlights, Electric sunroof
Interior Features 8-inch advanced display, Leather-wrapped seats
Safety Features 6 airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
Competitors Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata

A Brief History:

The Accord’s journey began in the mid-’70s, and it quickly became a household name, especially in urban settings. Its spacious interiors, comfortable drive, and reliability made it a favorite. Over the years, it has been available in various avatars – from coupes and wagons to crossovers and hatchbacks. Today, the sedan variant stands tall, representing the legacy of the Accord.

Honda Accord 2023 Price in Pakistan

The Honda Accord, a symbol of luxury and performance, has been a favorite among car enthusiasts worldwide. As it continues to evolve with its latest models, the anticipation regarding its price, especially in markets like Pakistan, is always high. For the year 2023, the Honda Accord is priced at PKR 1.55 crore in Pakistan.

This price tag, while on the higher side, is justified given the plethora of features, advanced technology, and the brand’s legacy that the Accord brings to the table. From its sleek exterior design to its plush interiors, every aspect of the Accord screams luxury. Add to that the powerful performance and fuel efficiency, and it becomes clear why the Accord holds its ground even against fierce competitors.

However, it’s essential to note that the price can vary based on various factors, including additional features, import duties, and dealership costs. Potential buyers are always advised to check with local dealerships for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

For those considering an investment in a vehicle that offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance, the Honda Accord 2023, despite its premium price tag, is worth every penny. It’s not just a car; it’s an experience that resonates with luxury and class.

Specifications & Features:

The 2023 model is not just a car; it’s an experience. Here’s a glimpse into what it offers:

  • Exterior: A modern, sleek design complemented by LED low-beam headlights, fog lights, power-foldable side mirrors, and an electric sunroof.
  • Interior: Step inside, and you’re welcomed by an ambiance of luxury. Leather-wrapped adjustable seats, an advanced 8-inch display, and safety features like 6 airbags and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) ensure a comfortable and safe journey.
  • Performance: At its heart is a turbo 1.5 liters Inline 4-cylinder engine, promising a top speed of 180 km/h, making every drive an adventure.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With a mileage of 12 to 14 KM/L, it ensures that your journeys are not just about style but also about substance.

Market Position & Competition:

In Pakistan, the Accord has been a symbol of status and style. However, recent years have seen a slight decline in its popularity, primarily due to its non-local production, which adds to its cost. Yet, it stands tall against competitors like the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will the 2023 Accord cost?
The Honda Accord 2023 is priced at PKR 1.55 crore in Pakistan. However, prices may vary based on additional features, import duties, and dealership costs.

Is the 2023 Accord available?
Yes, the Honda Accord 2023 is available for purchase. However, it’s advisable to check with local dealerships for availability in specific regions or cities.

How much is a loaded Honda Accord 2023?
A fully loaded Honda Accord 2023, which includes all the premium features, advanced technology packages, and luxury add-ons, will cost more than the standard model. The exact price can vary, but it’s expected to be higher than PKR 1.55 crore. For a precise figure, it’s best to consult with a local Honda dealership.

What is the standard Honda Accord 2023?
The standard Honda Accord 2023 comes equipped with a range of features that include a sleek exterior design, LED low-beam headlights, an advanced 8-inch display, leather-wrapped adjustable seats, and a turbo 1.5 liters Inline 4-cylinders engine. It offers a perfect blend of luxury and performance, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience.


The Honda Accord 2023 is not just a car; it’s a statement. A statement of style, luxury, and performance. Whether you’re navigating through the bustling streets of Karachi or cruising along the Motorway, the Accord promises a journey like no other.

Author’s Note:

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