FESCO Online Bill Check 2023

Fesco (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) is one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. It provides electricity to several cities and towns in the Punjab province including Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Mianwali, Khushab and Sargodha.

If you are a Fesco consumer, you can easily check and download your monthly electricity bill online through the Fesco website or mobile app. Here is a complete guide on how to check your Fesco bill online:

FESCO Online Bill Check 2023

How to Check Fesco Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to check your Fesco electricity bill online:

1. Find Your Fesco Reference Number

  • The first thing you need is your 14-digit Fesco reference number.
  • This number is printed on the bottom left corner of your electricity bill.
  • It usually starts with 61 and is 14 digits long.

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2. Go to the Fesco Website

3. Enter the Reference Number

  • On the Fesco website, find the “Check Bill” or “Duplicate Bill” section.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number here.
  • You may also be asked to enter your mobile number or email address.

4. View and Download Bill

  • After submitting the details, your latest Fesco electricity bill will open.
  • You can view all the details including units consumed, charges, due date,s etc.
  • Download or print the bill as per your requirement.

So in just a few simple steps, you can access your monthly Fesco bill online without any hassle.

Details Available on Fesco Online Bill

When you check your Fesco electricity bill online, you can find the following key details:

  • Bill Number: Unique bill number for the month.
  • Billing Period: Duration for which the electricity usage is billed, usually 30-31 days.
  • Meter Reading: Your meter reading at the start and end of the billing period.
  • Units Consumed: Total units of electricity consumed during the billing period.
  • Due Date: Last date to make the bill payment to avoid disconnection.
  • Amount Payable: Total amount to be paid including taxes and surcharges.
  • Payment Options: Available modes of payment like online, banks, Easypaisa etc.
  • Previous Balance: Any outstanding amount pending from previous bills.
  • Surcharges: Additional charges like Fuel Price Adjustment, GST etc.
  • Account Information: Consumer name, address, tariff, sanctioned load etc.

Having all these details easily available online helps you manage your electricity usage and payments efficiently.

How to Pay Fesco Bill Online

After checking your Fesco electricity bill online, you can also easily pay it through the following methods:

1. Fesco Website

  • On the Fesco website, go to the ‘Online Bill Payment’ section.
  • Select the payment option as ‘Online’.
  • Enter your reference number and amount to pay.
  • Choose your payment method – credit/debit card, internet banking etc.

2. Mobile App

  • Download the Fesco Mobile App on your smartphone.
  • Go to ‘Bill Payment’ and enter reference number.
  • Pay your bill instantly via debit card, credit card or jazzcash.

3. Net Banking

  • Log in to your bank’s net banking or mobile banking app.
  • Add Fesco as a biller using the reference number.
  • Make the payment from your bank account.

4. Over Counter

  • Take a printout of the Fesco online bill.
  • Pay the bill amount over counter at any Fesco customer service centre.
  • Keep the paid receipt for future reference.

Paying your electricity bill online is quick, easy and hassle-free. It ensures continuous power supply.

Major Charges on Fesco Bill

Apart from the units consumed, your Fesco electricity bill also includes several additional charges and taxes:

1. Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA)

  • This is the surcharge to adjust fuel prices for electricity generation.
  • FPA changes monthly depending on international oil rates.
  • It is shown separately on the bill.

2. GST

  • General sales tax of 17% is applicable on usage and surcharges.
  • GST amount is calculated and added to the billing amount.

3. Fixed Charges

  • Fixed monthly charges are applied as per your sanctioned load.
  • It includes meter rent, service charges, etc.
  • Fixed charges have to be paid even for zero consumption.

4. Late Payment Surcharge

  • If bill is not paid by due date, a late payment surcharge of 5% is applied.
  • The surcharge amount keeps increasing on unpaid bills.

5. Reconnection Fee

  • If power supply is disconnected due to non-payment, a reconnection fee is applicable.
  • The reconnection fee varies based on the consumer category and load.

Understanding these charges will help you calculate your monthly electricity expense better.

How to Get Duplicate Bill from Fesco

If you have misplaced or lost your Fesco bill, getting a duplicate bill is very easy. Follow the below steps:

1. Visit Fesco Website

Go to the Fesco website and find the ‘Duplicate Bill’ section.

2. Enter Reference Number

Provide your 14-digit Fesco reference number to retrieve your bill.

3. Download Duplicate

Your duplicate bill with all details will be generated. Download or print it.

4. Visit Fesco Office

Alternatively, visit your nearest Fesco customer service centre. Submit an application and get a duplicate bill printout.

Having a copy of your latest electricity bill is important to make payments on time and avoid disconnection.

How to Register Mobile Number for Bill Updates

Fesco offers an SMS service that sends your monthly bill directly to your mobile number. Follow these steps:

1. Visit Fesco Office

Go to the nearest Fesco office and fill out the SMS registration form.

2. Provide Details

Give your name, address, CNIC, account number and mobile number.

3. Submit Form

The form will be processed and SMS service activated within 48 hours.

4. Receive Bill Alerts

You will now receive bill generation and payment confirmation alerts on your mobile.

This service provides quick access to your bill without having to visit the website.

How to Lodge Complaint Against Wrong Billing

In case of any error in your Fesco bill such as excess charges, wrong meter reading etc. you can lodge a complaint to get it rectified:

1. Submit Application

Visit the Fesco customer services office and submit a written complaint application.

2. Provide Bill Details

Mention your reference number, account details and the specific billing issue. Attach a copy of the bill.

3. Get Complaint Number

You will be given a complaint number for future reference. Complaint is forwarded to relevant staff.

4. Follow Up on Complaint

Follow up on your complaint status by calling the Fesco call centre on 118 or visiting the office.

5. Receive Corrected Bill

Once the complaint is resolved, you will receive a revised bill with corrections.

Raise a complaint immediately in case of unfair billing to avoid penalties.

How to Change Name on Fesco Electricity Bill

If there is a name mismatch on your Fesco bill or you need to change the account holder name, follow the below procedure:

1. Submit Application

Visit the nearest Fesco office and fill out the name change application form.

2. Attach Required Documents

Provide a copy of your CNIC, previous bill and other documents as required.

3. Pay Processing Fee

Pay the small name change processing fee at the office.

4. Wait for Approval

Your name change request will be processed within 1 month. You may be contacted for additional documents.

5. Receive Bill in New Name

Once approved, your bills will be generated in the new name as requested.

Make sure to change the name on time to avoid payment issues and disconnection.

How to Update Mobile Number for Billing

If you have changed your mobile number, update it in Fesco’s records to keep receiving important bill updates:

1. Visit Fesco Office

Go to your area’s Fesco office and fill out the mobile number change form.

2. Provide Details

Give your reference number, old and new mobile numbers along with a CNIC copy.

3. Application Processing

Your application will be processed within 3 working days.

4. Updated Number

You will now start receiving bill alerts on your new number.

5. Call Customer Support

You can also call Fesco 118 to change your contact number. Provide account details.

Having an updated mobile number will ensure you get timely electricity bill alerts and reminders.

How to Calculate Estimated Fesco Bill

You can calculate your estimated Fesco electricity bill for the month using the following method:

1. Units Consumed

  • Note down the total units consumed in the month based on meter readings.
  • For example, if the initial reading is 2,500 and the final reading is 2,730 then units consumed are 230.

2. Multiply with Tariff

  • Multiply units with the applicable Fesco tariff per unit for your category.
  • For example, if tariff is Rs. 18 per unit then 230 units cost Rs 4,140.

3. Add Surcharges

  • Add FPA, GST and other fixed surcharges as applicable.
  • This will give you the total estimated bill amount.

4. Use Online Calculator

  • Alternatively, use Fesco’s online bill calculator to arrive at estimated amount.
  • Provide units, tariff and other details to get approximate bill.

Calculating an estimate helps you budget your electricity expenses in advance.

How to Submit Meter Reading to Fesco

You can submit your monthly meter reading to Fesco through the following ways:

1. SMS Service

  • Register for Fesco’s SMS service to submit reading via message.
  • Format: MR [space] [14-digit reference number] [space] [meter reading]
  • Example: MR 61234567891234 2540

2. Mobile App

  • Use the Fesco mobile app to click a picture of the meter and submit reading.
  • Enter reference number and reading in the app.

3. Website

  • On the Fesco website, provide the meter reading under the ‘Submit Meter Reading’ section.

4. Email

  • Email your reference number and meter reading snapshot to Fesco on their billing email ID.

Submitting your own reading ensures accurate billing as per actual consumption.

How to Lodge Complaint Against Power Outage

In case of prolonged power cuts or outages in your area, you can lodge a complaint with Fesco in the following ways:

1. Call on 118

  • Call Fesco’s 24×7 complaint helpline at 118 from your registered number.
  • Lodge the power outage complaint and get a reference number.

2. Use Mobile App

  • On the Fesco app, go to ‘Register Complaint’ and select Power Failure.
  • Enter your location details and register a complaint.

3. Website Complaint

  • On the Fesco website, go to the ‘Complaint’ section and fill in the power cut complaint form.
  • Attach bill copy and mention area, duration, etc.

4. Visit Office

  • Physically visit the Fesco complaint office and submit a written application.

Regular follow-up on outage complaints ensures faster restoration of supply in your area.

How to Check Fesco Load Shedding Schedule

Fesco provides an online load-shedding schedule so consumers can plan their electricity usage. Here’s how to check it:

1. Fesco Website

  • Go to the Fesco website and find the ‘Load Shedding’ section.
  • Select your city or area to see the load-shedding schedule.

2. Mobile App

  • On the Fesco app, go to ‘Load Shedding’ and choose your location.
  • The load-shedding timings will be visible.

3. Call on 118

  • Call on Fesco helpline and provide your area details.
  • The customer representative will convey the load-shedding hours.


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