Destan Drama with English & Urdu Subtitles

Destan drama serial (web series) in Urdu Subtitles is provided by our team. Lets. How are you? I hope you’re doing healthy. You can read the Destan Drama with English & Urdu Subtitles here. We have heard that Malhun is expecting a baby. We pray that God bless his parents. If you let us off, we’ve got gifts for you when the ant is dark. Estagfurullah ladies, you’ve caused a lot of trouble. Thank you for your efforts. Let’s have a drink and have a chat. Let Zoyi serve sherbet at our tables for guests. Thanks for sharing the great announcement that Osman Bey was waiting for quite a while. Our only Lord? And to our Destan In Urdu subtitles from we, we’re thankful to have watched these days. Women need to be aware of the places where words spoken from the mouth may take them. We must be aware of this. If you’ll excuse me,

I’d have two words. I was employed too if you’ll excuse me.

Zoyi, Pied help me. Bala Hatun, no is it really? Zoyi. I’m not convinced about some. Why? He informed Gonca that he would go to Sogut to go to the shop for cloth. However, we found out that he didn’t go. And, not only that Zoyi would often disappear without ever telling anyone. I urge to ensure that you are careful around Zoyi. Is it true that Osman Bey’s wife cease working and watch the girl that is with me? You clearly have your eyes on me since I brought Zoyi to the camp without informing you. You can read the Destan Drama with English & Urdu Subtitles more here.

But don’t fret I’m a guarantor. I did what I’d tell you,

it’s your responsibility to make your own decision. What was the fate of the hair? What happened to the hair soldier? Raid sir, all of the army is dead. What happens to ammunition? They got the whole lot. Damn you Osman! Damn it! You’ve been thinking about what the reason was. Osman didn’t respond to our attack, Dukas, I hope you were able to satisfy your curiosity! We lost our superiority! Still, we’re on the top! How? The support unit as well as the ammunition, have been destroyed! I sent reinforcements as well as ammunition in two different ways.

Destan Drama with English & Urdu Subtitles

Destan Drama with English & Urdu Subtitles

Destan In Urdu Subtitles By we

The ammunition is at HQ! Talk! The sultan’s team is on its way to headquarters Sir. to the horses! Alps! Order! We had a wonderful time, sheikh. Osman Bey gathered his army together with you. Estagfurullah, my sultan. Even even if our hands aren’t strong when playing pusat, we will be able to make it so when it’s not recognized, then we pray. Prayers are also our most powerful armor. Estagfurullah. I heard you speak from my parents. With God’s help we’ll triumph. You can read the Destan Drama with English & Urdu Subtitles here.

I hope my sultan La Galibe illallah. There you go.

Are all the Helen the reinforcements as well as ammunition been delivered? We arrived safely on the Cendere road in the manner you instructed. Villagers also carry items on horses. Don’t be affixed to the villager, they shouldn’t be allowed to enter the headquarters. Sir, the Sultan entered to the main building with his troops. Come on, Sultan Mesut. This is the Byzantine Headquarters will lie in Cariklitepe.

This is the way that you can imagine that Byzantine army will be able to reach the battlefield.

Cenk Square will be here. The thing that worries me is the ammunition supplied by the Emperor of Byzantium. The Emperor could have substituting the army he was sending with Ducas. We have seized the ammunition to be sent into the Byzantine headquarters My Sultan. You won’t worry. How? We checked all roads that lead towards the campsite, figured out their exact locations, and then dealt with them with our shovels. We pray that God be for you. Osman Bey. You have saved us from a major issue. Thank you, my sultan. Thank you very much. I am sure that

Destan In Urdu Subtitles By we

My Sultan, we still dealt a great blow. And then, Osman Bey, tell me the details you have about the adversaries. The Byzantine army is comprised of two parts. It is the army from Dukas that originates out of Macedonia along with the Infantry group gathered through Nikola along with the tekfures. Malhun chick considers you a rival, Dastan In Urdu Subtitles By we Bala. We are hoping that we’re not. What do he know that I’m willing to give up to Osman Bey’s son? Osman Bey? Oh my good-hearted Bala. What are we going to do with Zoyi my Bala?

If we’re right, this will affect my Osman Beyoncé first.

We can’t allow this to happen for us to continue, my Gonca. Keep your eyes on him. There’s nothing to worry about you, my Bala. We will see our man safely back and let them meet with me, Boran after which we will discuss our concerns with him. The troops will be in an orderly manner from to the Dukas base to the battleground. Did you really hope for Osman’s brain to be restored? As of now, nobody has been able to take care of me. In addition, I have prayed over the courageous mountain of my wife and husband who have embraced and helped me. Amine.

We pray to God the opportunity to reunite you with our son

And our child as quickly as is possible, my dear Lord. Osman! Osman! You’re back! Osman Beyoncé. I was hoping to be able to see you before Cenk. It was a great thing that you’ve brought. Are our children doing well? Yes, thank you for your time. I’m fine, too, Osman Bey. You’ll be fine, or you’ll be fine, so our child is fine. Let me warm water and clean up some. Malhun Hatun, you should not be absent. But I need to return. Do you plan to return this road at midnight?

There’s a full moon. But don’t fret My horse will be able to find its way.

It’s true. I’d love to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you during this battle. Aren’t you sure that your war is the greatest war entrusted by my great Lord? Sure it is. Malhun chick is resting perfectly. It is important to be sure to protect your family and yourself from all dangers. Don’t be worried, Osman Bey, don’t be left behind. Our child is first entrusted to Allah and later to me. Enjoy your time in Ghazan. Osman Bey arrives and heads back to the tent. (Azan is reading.) What is their agenda? Dukas What did every Turk did during the war.

It is not possible to win just simply by strolling along flowery pathways!

We arrived here fighting through bloody roads. Now we are going to drown Turks with their blood as they cross bloody roads! If a soldier ceases fighting and begins to think about it, there will be no one will remain on the battlefield! O Allah lift the flag of Islam and aid him! Amine! Strengthening the mujahideen on the path you have chosen, those who gave their lives for you and shed blood to follow your path… Amine! Sons of bravery from Byzantium! I warn you not to be thinking, instead rather to die! It’s our privilege to die! However, it’s untruthful to be defeated with no fight

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