Daihatsu Terios 2022 Price in Pakistan

The director-general of Daihatsu said that the coming Terios Daihatsu has advanced drivetrains. Daihatsu Terios 2022 price in Pakistan is sure to be affordable. It is a mid-sized SUV with a hatchback off-road design that has an athletic look and serene interior features. The company provided the full specifications and features of the updated version of Terios 4×4. This is why in this article I’m sharing information about Daihatsu Terios 2022 price in Pakistan as well as the release date, interior, and exterior with specifications and key features. Continue for more information.

New Model Daihatsu Terios 2022

The Daihatsu Terios 2022 an 1.5 Liters rear wheels drive (RWD) vehicle. It has an inline cylinder 4IN-VE with a 16-V dual VVT I engine that can produce up to 104 PS of power at 6000 RPM. The maximum torque of the engine is 136 NM with a maximum speed of 4000 RPM, which is an incredible performance from an automatic transmission vehicle with a capacity of 1500cc. It is the sole fuel-powered engine that can give you a thrilling experience with automated drive. Other features and specs are explained in the following article, so read on.

Daihatsu Terios 2022 Price in Pakistan

Prices of Daihatsu Terios in Pakistan Begin at 34 Lacs

The cost of the car will be announced in the moment the company announces it in a formal manner.

Daihatsu Terios Price Starting at 34 Lacs

The 2nd Generation Daihatsu Terios was launched in 2012 and it is the front-engined as well as the front-four-wheel drive of this compact SUV. Toyota and Daihatsu collaborated to create this version of the vehicle. The second generation Daihatsu Terios is larger than the first generation Daihatsu Terios and this model is also called Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Be-go in other parts across the globe. The vehicle is available in the choice of either FWD or AWD as well as the manufacturing of this vehicle Daihatsu Terois has been continued for more than 6 years. the model, Daihatsu Terois was and is sold in the years of 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as in the years 2017-2018 and 2020, 2019 2021 and 2022. This model is on the market with only one option and its price is a bit higher than the car, the first Gen Daihatsu Terois is not competitive when you compare it against other models in the same class.

New Shape Daihatsu Terios 2022

The 2nd Generation Daihatsu Terios features a unique design language. The front ends feature stylish and sleek headlights with side-swept design and a rectangular grille that has an accent of chrome and a huge front bumper, an air intake that is rectangular and regular fog lights. The rear bumper features trapezium-styled taillights that are side-swept along with the spare wheel as well as an elongated rear bumper. The Daihatsu Terios share the same style in all around. The overall design of the Daihatsu Terios has the shape of an SUV with a compact design. The design is sluggish and minimal.

Daihatsu Terios 2022 Features

Interior of 2nd Generation Daihatsu Terios compromises the use of black plastic trim pieces. The rear and front seats are covered with cloth. The standard features include an electronic trip computer, a multifunction steering wheel Stereo speakers with an AUX and CD input and a 12V power outlet and air cooling, cup holders, power steering, lockable doors, and a Tachometer. There are options for climate control and leather upholstery. The cabin of the second generation Daihatsu Terios is functional but not the most spacious, especially when you consider its exterior dimensions. It also has a low level of luxury and comfort.

Daihatsu Terios 2022 Price in Pakistan

Daihatsu Terios 2022 Price in Pakistan


1.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4


5-Speed Manual

4-Speed Automatic


2. Gen Daihatsu Terios gives an average of 14 KM/L which is an estimated 700 km from the compact SUV’s 50-liter fuel tank.


The primary rivals of the Daihatsu Terios 2nd Generation are the Suzuki Kei, Honda HRV, Mitsubishi Mini Pajero, Toyota RAV4, and the Toyota Rush.


1.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 107bhp @ 6500 RPM, 145 NM @ 5500RPM

Pros & Cons


Small turning circle

Good off-road capability



The absence of spare parts

Cost-intensive maintenance

Insufficient interior space

Daihatsu Terios 2022 Exterior and Interior

Exterior design of Daihatsu Terios can be a stunning view. It is a facelift-shaped car with halogen headlamps multi-reflectors. They also have Daytime Running Lights (DRL). The front grille has a chrome polished spindle with Daihatsu logo. The lower bumper features a verticle-box design air intake. 215/65R16 size tires come with 5 spokes, and the arches of the tires on the door’s sides reflect a sporty look. On the rear, we have an open-back door that is adorned featuring a striking tail light and fog lamps with lower beams which look stunning.

Daihatsu Terios 1.5 2020 Price in Pakistan

Daihatsu Terios 1.5 4WD 2020 model was launched in Pakistan. It is among the most popular cars from Daihatsu in the market. Daihatsu Terios 1.5 2020 price in Pakistan is 340,000 PKR. Daihatsu Terios 1.5 4WD SUV 2020 is larger than its predecessor. It comes with a powerful engine and comfortable seating. Additionally, it has powerful hydraulics that are heavy duty and has seven seats, which gives you the largest capacity with comfortable seating. . The headlights are updated with a new design. It has a strong engine that is 1495cc. Remarkable fuel efficiency is offered through the Daihatsu Terios 1.5 4WD. In many aspects and the cost that Daihatsu Terios 1.5 4WD. Daihatsu Terios 1.5 4WD. The Daihatsu Trios 1.5 2WD auto are identical.

It has exterior and interior elements, which include mirrors made of chrome as well as frontal line constructed out of steel, which prevents getting rusty. Furthermore, it comes fitted with a brand new style of fog light, headlight and taillight. Similar to the exterior, the interior comes with all the necessary and luxury features such as radio, LCD as well as automatic air-conditioning.

The cabin’s interior is spacious in dimensions and features the most recent technology. Cockpit style dashboard features a leather-wrapped electric power steering. A push-button starter unit is integrated with a backup camera as well as the latest multi-voice, dynamic audio multimedia system. It has spacious and comfy fabric and leather seats with a 7 people to sit. Its Terios 2022’s interior design is stunning and safe thanks to cruise control, alarms for accidental events, sensors, as well as airbag features. We will also discuss the following aspects. Take a take a look.

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