Crown CR 125 Euro II Price In Pakistan 2024 New Model

Crown CR 125 Euro II was launched recently by Crown Groups. Crown CR 125 Euro II Price In Pakistan 2024 New Model Black Color and Red Color. The Crown 125 Euro II 2024 price in Pakistan is very affordable. Crown 125 Euro II is a 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine that generates 11 horsepower and has a high top speed while consuming low fuel consumption. Crown 125 Euro II Bike has a very low price and is easily available at an affordable price. The latest model has a fuel tank capacity of 9.2 Liters and a 2-liter reserve. It offers excellent fuel economy and extra mileage. It offers a luxurious ride, exceptional performance, and a dynamic vehicle. It’s the ideal vehicle for children and a great partner for long drives. Crown 125 Euro II comes in red and black.

Crown CR 125 Euro II Price In Pakistan 2024 New Model

The price of this bike in Pakistan is 90,000 PKR.

Crown CR 125 Euro II 2024 Engine Power

Crown offers these bikes at a reduced price to those who cannot afford heavy-duty bikes with powerful engines. The only difference is the fuel capacity. You can find out more about Latest Crown 125 Euro II Price in Pakistan Shape Changes Pictures Release Date Reviews.

Mileage of Crown CR 125 Euro II 2024

This bike has great fuel economy and excellent mileage, perfect for anyone with backbone support. Crown stands for Quality, Performance, and Speed.

Crown CR 125 Euro II Price In Pakistan 2024 New Model

Crown CR 125 Euro II Price In Pakistan 2022 New Model

Specifications of Crown CR 125 2024 Model

  • Dimension 56.5×49.5mm
  • Engine 4-Stroke OHC air-cooled
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Stroke and Bore 4-Stroke
  • Transmission Continuous 4 Speed mesh
  • Start with a Kick
  • Ground Clearance 140mm
  • Petrol Capacity 9.2 Liters
  • Front Tyre 2.50-18 4PR
  • Rear Tyre 3.00-17 6PR
  • Weight: 98KG

The technology of NCrown CR 125 Euro II 2024

These key ingredients have helped you secure your trust in the New Crown 125. This is an amazing result of Japanese technology. It’s an exceptional performer that embodies all the Crown’s special qualities.

Review of New Crown 125 Euro II 2024

It has all of the specifications and features. People have positive reviews about this bike. Many reviews say the bike is very fuel-efficient. It is very stable and a joy to ride.

New Model Crown CR 125 Euro II 2024 Other Features

With a 125cc 4-stroke engine, the engine produces 11 horsepower and low fuel consumption. This engine is great for long runs, high speeds, and rough terrain. The Crown CR125 features a CDI ignition system and a 12-volt battery instead of a 6-volt. With the easy start-up of your engine, the indicators and headlights are brighter. Keep in touch and receive the prices of the most recent bikes via this page.

Crown 125 Euro II is now available in Pakistan in a stylish new shape. It features a combination of unique graphics and sleek colors. It features heavy-duty shock absorbers to reduce road vibrations. Crown 125 Euro 2 features a modern, elegant headlight design and a comfortable seat. The reshaped taillight makes it stand out. It features a kickstart system and excellent battery timing.

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