About Us

Newprice.pk was launched in the year by the company in 2021. Over 200k people visit each year to Newprice.pk. Since its beginning, it has assisted millions of users to discover accurate information and figures on automobiles, bicycles, and more.

If you are seeking details about any kind of automobile, then Newprice.pk is the best place to obtain the desired information. We have the answers to every need for a car. Our website allows users to purchase and sell cars review, read about automotive information on prices for any kind of vehicle, and any other information they require. It has improved the concept of selling online.

Newprice.pk is the hub in which buyers and sellers are able to interact. The site has pages dedicated to bikes and cars as well as news. This helps visitors discover the right information on bikes and cars. Visitors can make a selection based on their needs.

Newprice.pk believes it is our main responsibility to offer our users the most enjoyable online experience. Our goal is to offer our customers extensive knowledge of cars. We have developed the concept of E-Commerce. We wish that each visitor use the kind of vehicle that he would like to drive with Newprice.pk. Our slogan reflects our goals: